Jazmine Sullivan’s “Reality Show.”

Released: January 13, 2015

Genre: R&B

Label: RCA

Producer: Jazmine Sullivan, Anthony Bell, DJ Dahi, Dilemma, Ben Free, JayFrance, JoeLogic, Chuck Harmony, Da Internz, Salaam Remi, Key Wane, Matt Wong.


Jazmine Sullivan is one of R&B’s most beautiful souls inside and out. Since her breakthrough in 2008 with her debut album Fearless, and kept the momentum going with Love Me Back. Eventually, Jazmine had announced that she was leaving the music industry indefinitely.

Artists take breaks and hiatuses, and come back stronger than ever. Jazmine Sullivan took a five year hiatus from music, and returned with her most ostentatious album so far, titled Reality Show. Reality Show is honestly one of the best albums in the 21st century, and better than anything on reality television.

44 minutes of greatness, Reality Show is R&B’s greatest offering in years. Jazmine’s vocals, storytelling, production & versatility makes the album a masterpiece through and through. Reality Show was inspired by reality tv, her life, ups and downs of relationships and much more. The album peaked at number two on the Billboard US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, showcasing that Jazmine is still that girl. The album was nominated for Best R&B Album at the 2016 Grammys. You know how artists have a three peat when it comes to albums? Jazmine fulfilled hers with this LP.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Jazmine Sullivan’s “Reality Show.”

Dumb featuring Meek Mill

Written by Jazmine Sullivan, Salaam Remi, Dwane Weir II & Robert Williams.

The album opens a March mob sound from the production side point, and has Jazmine saying “You ain’t right!” Her comeback single is about how her man is underestimating her intelligence, and thinks he’s getting over by cheating. Rapper Meek Mill is featured on the song.


Written by Jazmine Sullivan & Dwane Weir II

A satirical record about an Instagram honey who gets paid by rich men and discusses how she has to stay on top of how she looks cause you never know who’s watching you.

Jazmine sounds so amazing singing this song that she’ll make you believe that she is this superficial and classist, when she’s far from that. The song actually brings awareness to how Instagram models are insecure and have to keep up with the new girls.

Side note: the live version of this song is INSANE! 🔥

Brand New

Written by Jazmine Sullivan, Dacoury Natche & Benjamin Freedlander

Brand New is a tale of when being a ride or die goes wrong. Jazmine is telling us how it feels when the one who promised you the world switches up on you. Jazmine has stated that while watching a lot of reality tv, she has seen scenarios where women struggle with men who get to a certain status and forget who was there for them when times were rough & tough. We’ve all see the dramatics of how this plays out for our black women.

Silver Lining

Written by Jazmine Sullivan & Dwane Weir II

Silver Lining is one of my favorite songs from Reality Show. It tells the story of a young father who goes to drastic measures to provide for his children. It can also relate to a single mother. A lot of people can relate to this song because life can be very rough on our people. We have to be desperate at times to see our kids have a brighter future than we ever had.


Written by Jazmine Sullivan & Charles Harmon

And he ain’t always right, but he’s just right for me

….is screamed by Jazmine while explaining how much loves her man on #HoodLove. The Bonnie & Clyde type of relationship is chronicled throughout the song, and the song proves that nothing can ever come between them.

Let It Burn

Written by Jazmine Sullivan, Dwane Weir II, & Kenneth Edmonds.

Let It Burn was pure flames in 2015! Jazmine came with it on this record. Speaking on how sparks fly and how she may have met the love of her life, Jazmine was singing for this man chile! The song was the biggest success from the album, peaking at number four on the Billboard Adult R&B Songs chart, and was nominated for two Grammys for Best R&B Song & Best Traditional R&B Performance.

The song is built around a sample of After 7’s “Ready or Not.” In fact, Jazmine & After 7 performed a mashup of this song at the Soul Train Awards when Babyface was being honored. 🔥🔥🔥


Written by Jazmine Sullivan & Dwane Weir II

Everything about Veins is perfection. We’ve all been down the road of being addicted to the one we love so much. It’s like we’re on heroin, and we can’t ever let go of how they make us feel.

Forever Don’t Last

Written by Jazmine Sullivan, Birdsong & Chuck Harmony

All good things don’t last forever, this we know. However, it can be very sad when a relationship we thought would stand the test of time folds. Jazmine realizes that the relationship lasted longer than it should have, and she’s accepted this fact.

Stupid Girl

Written by Jazmine Sullivan. Matt Wong, Joe “JoeLogic” Gallagher & Dan “Dilemma” Thomas.

Jazmine is warning the girls to not wear their clown nose for these sad niggas! & this video of Jazmine performing Stupid Girl in a barbershop in New Orleans is IT.


Written by Jazmine Sullivan, Marcos Palacios, Ernest Clark, Tony Russell & Kevin Randolph.

Stanley is a mf BOP! The disco influenced record is about not being valued and appreciated in your relationship, and if he doesn’t change his ways, he’s going to lose the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

Masterpiece (Mona Lisa)

Written by Jazmine Sullivan & Anthony Bell.

The second to last track on the album is truly what the title entails. The self-love ballad is an anthem made to uplift women and young girls everywhere. It has even uplifted me when I feel insecure about my weight and looks. Suffering from self-image issues herself, Jazmine is confident, brilliant, bold & accepting of her inner and outer beauty.

If You Dare (Bonus Track)

Written by Jazmine Sullivan, Matt Wong, Joe “JoeLogic” Gallagher & Dan “Dilemma” Thomas

The closing track has Jazmine giving us words of encouragement! If You Dare is all about believing in yourself, and going out on a limb and embracing your dreams and goals. Things will happen if you believe you can make it happen!

Jazmine Sullivan is truly a gem in the world of R&B. When people say R&B is dead, I love to say not while Jazmine Sullivan is alive and well. While we wait for next project (Heaux Tales,) enjoy her new singles Lost Ones & Pick Up Your Feelings. Jazmine Sullivan is the ONE.

Reality Show was exactly what we needed back in 2015. It was uplifting, giving us the best vibes and is truly one of the best offerings of an album that we’ve seen in a long time. -MJ.

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