Hi! My name is Markiz (pronounced MARR-keez,) Johnson. Welcome to my blog! I’ve been told for YEARS that I should have one lol, so it’s been in the making for a while. I’m excited for you to read my thoughts and opinions about the Entertainment industry, current events, and everyday life.

I am a Senior at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside in Kenosha WI, & I am studying Communication & Sociology. Being a member of the African-American & LGBTQ communities, I am a strong advocate of social justice and for everyone to have human rights, & to be treated with respect.

I started my blog as a forum to speak my mind about current events and how I feel about everyday topics, because my friends motivated me to do so. However, after the deaths of Prince, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and so many more of our black icons who have passed..I was motivated to start giving Black entertainers their flowers while they are still with us. We (well y’all) often treat our legendary artists like they are washed and their time is up.

My duty is to show our legends that their contributions to music are just as important as any other artist..and to introduce the new generation to artists before their time. My first appreciation post went to the iconic Janet Jackson, who is my favorite entertainer of all time. I have gone on to create over 50 appreciation posts, honoring OUR people and culture. -Markiz Johnson.