Stacy Lattisaw: Give Our Legends Their Flowers.

Stacy Lattisaw was a veteran in the world of R&B by the year of 1989. She had a duet with frequent collaborator Johnny Gill (Where Do We Go From Here,) which gave her first number one hit on the R&B charts.

& boom. She announced that she would be leaving the industry after releasing music for a decade. Suffering from depression and anxiety, Stacy gave her life to Jesus Christ..& said goodbye to the world to music. To this day, Stacy hasn’t released any new R&B music. 😭😭

Stacy was the goat during her active days. The moment she burst onto the scene, Stacy had a star power about her. She gets her flowers due to the fact that y’all faves literally could never.

The most known artist to sample Stacy’s work is Mariah Carey. She sampled “Attack of the Name Game” for her 1999 #1 hit “Heartbreaker.”

Tiffany Evans covered Stacy’s song “Let Me Be Your Angel” and remained true to her original!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾

The 70s:

Albums Released: Young and in Love.

Stacy signed to Cotillion Records (a subsidiary of Atlantic,) in 1979. Under the guidance of Van McCoy, she released her debut album “Young and In Love.”

The 80s:

Albums Released: Let Me Be Your Angel, With You, Sneakin’ Out, Sixteen, Perfect Combination (with Johnny Gill,) I’m Not the Same Girl, Take Me All The Way, Personal Attention, What You Need.

It was under the guidance of Narada Michael Walden where Stacy would get her breakthrough in the industry. The title track to her second album “Let Me Be Your Angel,” Jump to the Beat & Dynamite were instant classics.

Stacy’s cover of The Moments’ hit “Love On a Two Way Street” was a top 40 hit on the pop charts, & number 2 on the R&B charts.

Stacy continued to drop bop after bops!

In 1984, Stacy released a duet album with label mate Johnny Gill titled “Perfect Combination.” They were the perfect collaborators!

In the mid 80s, Stacy signed to Motown, where she released her final works. As Stacy grew older, her voice matured. It was already amazing, but Stacy on a good ballad? WHEW.

Stacy’s final album “What You Need” is one of my favorite albums!

Leaving the industry, Stacy is now a minister in word and song. Stacy will always be remembered for her powerful voice, & timeless gems. The Queen! -MJ

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