Give Kelis Her Flowers


Kelis is one of the most amazing musicians we’ve ever seen grace the music industry. For 2 decades, audiences have been blessed to enjoy such an entertainer.

While she’s known for her 2003 hit single “Milkshake,” she is a versatile us quality music in the genres of disco, jazz, R&B/Soul, dance, Hip-Hop & Electropop.

Kelis deserves her flowers due to the fact that she’s is simply incomparable..period. The dynamic singer is simply Harlem’s finest.

Kelis is known for being featured on ODB’s classic record “Got Your Money” around the time her debut album dropped! She was singing the chorus, & it’s so addictive.  Besides, you WANT Kelis on your record!

Kaleidoscope (1999):

Favorites: Caught Out There, Get Along With You, I Want Your Love, No Turning Back, Good Stuff, Suspended, Roller Rink, Mars, Wouldn’t You Agree, In The Morning.

Kaleidoscope is a DEBUT ALBUM okay! Inspired by a variety of 70 genres and citing Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald & Dinah Washington as influences, Kelis was on her futuristic flow on this record. All of the records still sound fresh and newly recorded to this day. Longevity!

Wanderland (2001):

Favorites: Young, Fresh n’ New, Daddy, Popular Thug, Digital World, Perfect Day, Flash Back, Scared Money, Easy Come, Easy Go, Junkie, Get Even.

Working with frequent collaborators The Neptunes, Kelis released the exhilarating Wanderland. It’s a gem in her catalog if you ask me!

Tasty (2003):

Favorites: Milkshake, Trick Me, Protect My Heart, Glow, Flashback, Keep It Down, Millionaire, Sugar Honey Iced Tea, Stick Up.

Tasty brought Kelis to complete prominence and put her foot on the girls NECKS! Milkshake became a phenomenon the late summer of 2003, and made Kelis a whole icon. We love to see it.

Kelis Was Here (2006):

Favorites: Bossy, Living Proof, Blindfold Me, Circus, Weekend, Appreciate Me, Have A Nice Day, Fuck Them Bitches, Handful, I Don’t Think So, Lil Star, Circus, Trilogy.

Kelis follow up album to Tasty is an ALBUM! She came back with a vengeance with Bossy! That song is still a whole bop & then some!

Flesh Tone (2010):

Favorites: Acapella, 4th of July (Fireworks,) Scream, Brave, Home, Emancipate, Song for the Baby, 22nd Century.

An album dedicated to her entering the world of motherhood, Flesh Tone is a departure from Kelis’ records of R&B that we know and love. She gave us some hot dance pop records!

Food (2014):

Favorites: Rumble, Jerk Ribs, Friday Fish Fry, Breakfast, Hooch, Cobbler, Dreamer, Forever Be, Bless The Telephone, Change, Floyd.

Kelis really outdid herself on “Food.” Our sis is a chef, & she fed us well with her soulful, sultry voice. Food pays homage to old school music that the grown folks listened to after we went to bed.

One thing I’ve always loved about Kelis is her music is ALWAYS ahead of its time. She doesn’t fall into trends..she makes them. Kelis is always one of my favorites due to the fact that she’s a trailblazer! -MJ.