Give Keyshia Cole Her Flowers.

I’m gonna need y’all to put some respect on Keyshia Cole’s name. Being introduced to MC Hammer & Tupac Shakur at a young age, Keyshia eventually became one of R&B’s princesses with her strong debut album “The Way It Is.”

Influenced by her mentor Tupac, Mary J. Blige, Anita Baker, Brandy & Monica, Keyshia Cole has blessed audiences with her themes and lyrics of female empowerment, reflection, heartache and love.

Keyshia deserves her flowers, because she has been one of the very few artists keeping R&B alive and well. & this is true tea.

You want Keyshia featured on your record! Sis has been featured or have had duets with some of music’s most incredible musicians. 🙌🏾

The Way It Is (2005):

Favorites: I Should Have Cheated, Love, I Thought You Had My Back, (I Just Want It) To Be Over, I Changed My Mind, We Could Be, Love, Guess What, Situations, Down and Dirty, Never.

This is a debut album okay?! Keyshia came in knocking down doors and taking names. Her debut album is pain, something Keyshia is familiar with. She’s had a tough upbringing, along with complex relationships. We get the good (Love, We Could Be,) the bad (Love, I Thought You Had My Back, I Should Have Cheated, You’ve Changed) & the ugly (Guess What, I Changed My Mind, I Just Want It To Be Over).

Just Like You (2007):

Favorites: Let It Go, Didn’t I Tell You, I Remember, Shoulda Let You Go, Fallin Out’, Heaven Sent, Losing You, Give Me More, Just Like You, Last Night, Work It Out.

Just Like You shows a more polished Keyshia becoming one of R&B’s prominent stars. Her hit record “Let It Go” made her a SUPERSTAR. And it was well deserved. She easily became one of our favorites with Heaven Sent, I Remember and Shoulda Let You Go.

A Different Me (2008):

Favorites: Please Don’t Stop, Trust, Erotic, Make Me Over, You Complete Me, No Other, Oh-Oh Yeah-Yea, Playa Cardz Right, Beautiful Music, Where This Love Could End Up.

A Different Me was a departure from her first two albums. Heartache wasn’t the primary focus of the album, & gave Keyshia the opportunity to showcase maturity in regards to her vocal capabilities and lyricism.

Calling All Hearts (2010):

Favorites: Take Me Away, I Ain’t Thru, If I Fall in Love Again, So Impossible, Tired of Doing Me, Long Way Down, What You Do To Me, Last Hangover.

Calling All Hearts has so many gems! I don’t think the world appreciated this record.

Woman to Woman (2012):

Favorites: Stubborn, Enough of No Love, I Choose You, Trust and Believe, Missing Me, Hey Sexy, Who’s Gonna Hold Me Down, Signature, Get It Right, Wonderland, Get It Right

Woman to Woman is an ALBUM. That’s all and that’s it.

Point of No Return (2014):

Favorites: Heat Of Passion, Love Letter, She, N.L.U., On Demand, Do That For (B.A.B,) Party Ain’t A Party, Believer, Rick James, New Nu, Next Time (Won’t Give My Heart Away).

Despite being one of Keyshia’s lowest selling album to date, Point of No Return is going to be one of those albums the masses will appreciate later down the road. It’s one of her best in my opinion.

We get classic Keyshia, THEEE Faith Evans on background vocals and hip hop soul infused records. What’s not to love?

11:11 Reset (2017):

Favorites: Incapable, Ride, You, Emotional, Vault, Act Right, Best Friend, Right Time.

11:11 Reset is one of my favorite albums from 2017. From the album cover down to the songs, she paid homage to REAL music with this record. You love to see it.

Keyshia Cole will always be that girl next door that we grew up loving. From being on our radios to our televisions, Keyshia is one R&B artist that deserves an abundance of flowers.

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