Foxy Brown: Give Our Legends Their Flowers.

Female rappers are gems and should be treated as such. Foxy Brown is no exception. Named the “Rap Vixen Of Hip Hop,” Foxy was no joke in the mid 90s-early 2000s.

Sis was out here killing the game. She ran with the big dogs (Jay-Z, Nas, AZ,) & is better than the majority of them! Foxy is a whole legend who deserves more recognition for being one of the best lyricists in the game.

Foxy was apart of the hip hop group “The Firm” with Nas & AZ. Their only album together was pure flames! 🔥

You WANT Foxy to be featured on the track! Her verses on features are purely immaculate. Period!

Ill Na Na (1996):

Favorites: Get Me Home, (Holy Matrimony) Letter to the Firm, If I…, Ill Na Na, I’ll Be, Big Bad Mamma, Fox Boogie, The Chase, No One’s.

A teenager at the time her debut album was released, Foxy held down her own with the big dawgs with Ill Na Na! With production being done by the Trackmasters, Foxy’s delivery was ferocious, sexy & down right enjoyable. The star power was undeniable from the jump.

Chyna Doll (1999):

Favorites: Hot Spot, JOB, My Life, Dog & a Fox, I Can’t, 4-5-6, Bonnie & Clyde Part 2, Baller Bitch, BWA, Tramp, It’s Hard Being Wifee, Chyna White.

Chyna Doll has the late 90s written all over it. From the bop “Hot Spot,” to the Kanye West produced “My Life,” this record is so underrated in my opinion.

Broken Silence (2001):

Favorites: Oh Yeah, Candy, B.K. Anthem, The Letter, Bout My Paper, I Don’t Care, Do Hot, Saddest Day, 730, Gangsta Boogie.

Foxy’s most recent album is also Foxy at her best. She came with it and then some! Oh Yeah is a timeless hip hop record to me! & everything else on this record is flawless in my opinion. 🔥🙌🏾

Foxy remains one of the illest rappers to ever live. She’s planning to release her long anticipated fourth album, & I am stoked! Legends have to keep the momentum going, & keep us fans happy!

Foxy deserves an abundance of flowers due to the fact that she came into the game during the glory days of flawless female rappers winning all at once. It’s time for Foxy to reclaim her throne. -MJ

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