Gerald LeVert: Give Our Legends Their Flowers.

One can debate that Gerald LeVert is the REAL King of R&B. Gerald has bops for your ass okay?! Being the son of a R&B legend like Eddie LeVert (lead singer of The O’Jays,) Gerald had huge shoes to fill. & if you ask me, he filled them during his lifetime. Period.

Gerald is getting his flowers because I RARELY hear his name when we mention the R&B greats & he deserves to be at the top. 🗣

Gerald was a great producer and an artist you’d want to be featured on your record! 🤗 He has so many bops with a lot of our R&B icons.

The 80s:

Albums Released: I Get Hot, Bloodline, The Big Throwdown, Just Coolin’.

Gerald’s career began in the mid 80s, with the LeVert (with brother Sean & friend Marc Gordon). With hits like “Pop Pop Pop,” “Casanova” & Just Coolin,” LeVert became one of the most popular R&B acts.

The 90s:

Albums Released: Rope a Dope, Private Line, For Real Tho’, Groove On, Father and Son, The Whole Scenario, LSG, Love & Consequences.

LeVert kept the heat coming with “Baby I’m Ready!”

Gerald went solo in 1991, & gave us a bop with his father by the name of “Baby, Hold on to Me.” He also was producing a lot of hits for R&B legends.

Another group was formed with Gerald, Keith Sweat & Johnny Gill! LSG had some wonderful hits.

The 00s:

Albums Released: G, Gerald’s World, The G Spot, Stroke of Genius, Do I Speak For the World, In My Songs, Something to Talk About.

Gerald was consistent in the early 2000s with a plethora of bops. Like quality work. I’m judging anyone who isn’t familiar with his work.

Gerald LeVert tragically passed away in 2006.

Gerald will always reign supreme for giving us his timeless R&B tunes. There will simply never be another. May the soulful teddy bear rest easy. -MJ

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