Dionne Warwick: Give Our Legends Their Flowers.

Dionne Warwick comes from a family of musical geniuses and legends. Being from the Drinkard family dynasty, Dionne is the niece of Cissy Houston..& the first cousin of the late & great Whitney Houston.

Her other family members were apart of a gospel group called “the Drinkard singers.”

The five time Grammy winner is a successful artist in her own right, which makes her worthy and deserving of her flowers!

Dionne has been sampled & covered by greats like Anita Baker, Usher, Aretha, Isaac Hayes, Beyoncé, Nancy Sinatra, and many more!

However, no one paid homage to Dionne like the late great Luther Vandross! He LOVED him some Dionne okay! He’s covered everything from “Anyone Who Had A Heart,” “A House Is Not A Home,” to “So Amazing,” which Luther wrote & produced!

The 1960s:

Albums Released: Presenting Dionne Warwick, Anyone Who Had a Heart, Make Way for Dionne Warwick, The Sensitive Sound Of Dionne Warwick, Here I Am, Here I Am, Here Where There Is Love, Dionne Warwick in Paris, On Stage And in the Movies, The Windows Of The World, Dionne Warwick in Valley Of the Dolls, The Magic Of Believing, Promises, Promises, Soulful.

Dionne’s voice and presence on the stage caught the attention of the famed songwriter and producer Burt Bacharach, & the rest is HISTORY! 🤗

Working with Burt & Hal David, her first single “Don’t Make Me Over,” was her first hit on the pop & R&B charts!

Dionne’s follow up singles were great, but it was “Walk On By,” that made her an international superstar and solidified her career. 

Dionne benefitted from the “British Invasion” more than most artists form the US. Our girl had HITS AND BOPS with David and Bacharach over the years!

The 1970s:

Albums Released: I’ll Never Fall in Love Again, Very Dionne, Just Being Myself, The Dionne Warwick Story: A Decade of Gold, A Man and a Woman, Then Came You, Track Of the Cat, Love at First Sight, Dionne.

The 70s brought a lot of changes for Dionne’s career like not being able to work and have Bacharach/David as producers and songwriters anymore, and signing to Warner Bros after leaving Sceptor Records.

Dionne received her first number single on the pop charts with “Then Came You,” featuring The Spinners.

Dionne moved to Arista in the late 70s, and started to work with Barry Manilow on her new album with the label!

The 1980s:

Albums Released: No Night So Long, Friends in Love, Heartbreaker, Hot! Live and Otherwise, How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye, Finder of Lost Loves, Friends, Reservations for Two.

With the success of “I’ll Never Love This Way Again,” Dionne stepped into the 80s with the BOPS!

Dionne collaborated with the KING Luther Vandross on her song “How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye.” A DUET PERIOD.

If you are a fan of Dionne, you know how much she gives BACK! In 1985, she released a benefit single for the American Foundation for AIDS research “That’s What Friends Are For” with Gladys Knight, Elton John and Stevie Wonder. “Friends” was a number one single as well! 

Love Power was another hit for Dionne! Featuring Jeffrey Osborne, Dionne was out here giving HITS!

The 1990s:

Albums Released: Dionne Warwick Sings Cole Porter, Friends Can Be Lovers, Christmas In Vienna II, Aquarela do Brazil, Dionne Sings Dionne.

The 1990s has its share of good tunes from Dionne, including “Love Will Find A Way” featuring her cousin Whitney Houston & production from her son David Elliott.

The 2000s:

Albums Released: Dionne Sings Dionne, Vol. 2, My Favorite Time Of The Year, My Friends & Me, Why We Sing.

Dionne recorded her “My Friends & Me” album, featuring industry friends and her granddaughter Cheyenne Elliott.

The 2010s:

Albums Released: Only Trust Your Heart, Now, Feels So Good.

Dionne sounds amazing on her work from the 2010s..the Queen is just simply remarkable.

Dionne’s granddaughter Cheyenne is apart of the next generation from the Drinkard/Warwick dynasty to dip her feet into the music world. She was recently on “The Four!”

Marie Dionne Warwick is a national treasure! She is easily one of the greatest vocalists to grace a planet. Appreciate our Queen while she is with us! -MJ.

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