The Isley Brothers: Give Our Legends Their Flowers.

Favorite Songs: Warm Summer Night, Contagious, Make Your Body Sing, Nowhere To Run, Between The Sheets, Choosey Lover, At Your Best (You Are Love,) Don’t Say Goodnight (It’s Time For Love,)


Ronald Isley (1955-Present)

Ernie Isley (1973-1984, 1991-Present)

Rudolph Isley (1954-1989, 2004)

O’Kelly Isley, Jr (1954-1986, 2004)

Marvin Isley (1973-1984, 1991-1997)

Christopher Jasper (1973-1984)

Vernon Isley (1954-1955)

It’s been noted that this group has “One of the Longest, most influential, & most diverse careers in the pantheon of popular music.”

Having a career that spans 7 decades, The Isley Brothers are nothing BUT the definition of legends. I can literally say 3 generations of my family have grown up on the Isley Brothers. That’s literally dope!

Incorporating elements of funk, gospel, doo-wop, rock & roll, Soul & R&B into their discography, The Isley Brothers have one of the most amazing discographies ever..releasing hit after HIT.

I can go on and on about the powerful legacy, but let’s jump into it! The group has 31 albums to their collection, so I’m going to break it down by each decade, & explain why they are one of the best groups in the history of black music. Hell, Music period.

The Isley Brothers are one of the most sampled and covered groups ever! You can’t do an appreciation post without discussing the acts who showed love to Our Legends by sampling/covering their classic hits!

Ice Cube sampled “Footsteps In The Dark” for his 1993 hit single “It Was A Good Day!” It is one of his most known singles, & will always be a classic.

The late & great Aaliyah was an Isley Brothers STAN okay?! She had time for the shenanigans when she covered “At Your Best,” & Choosey Lover. Enough said.

Kendrick Lamar sampled That Lady for his 2015 song “i!” Greatness.

The Notorious B.I.G. sampled the classic Between The Sheets for one of his signature songs Big Poppa, & it’s FOREVER a bop!

Public Enemy was known for their politically charged music, & their signature song “Fight The Power” interpolated The Isley Brothers’ hit of the same name. CLASSIC!

Don’t Say Goodnight (It’s Time For Love) is a quiet storm CLASSIC! It was covered by Natalie Cole in 2007 for her Leavin’ album! The slow grind Ladies version is LIFEEEE.

Work To Do is one of my favorite songs from our Kings of R&B. It was covered by the Average White Band & Vanessa L. Williams!

Ronald gained popularity for being the character villain Frank Biggs in the 90s & 2000s.

The 50s:

Albums Released: Shout.

After the tragic death of their brother Vernon, the original members of the Isley Brothers (O’Kelly, Rudolph & Robert) went to New York to record their first records “Angels Cried” and “The Cow Jumped Over The Moon.”

However, the trio struck a hit with their song “Shout!” It was their first composition, which is EVERYTHING.

The 60s:

Albums Released: Twist & Shout, Twisting & Shouting, This Old Heart Of Mine, Soul on the Rocks, It’s Our Thing, The Brothers: Isley.

The 60s brought more success to the group. They scored their first top 20 hit with “Twist & Shout!”

They eventually signed with the Motown label in 1965. Their second top 40 hit single “This Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You,) is FIRE! 🔥

The late 60s brought major success for the group with the #1 R&B hit “It’s Your Thing!” It was also a crossover hit as well!

The 70s:

Albums Released: Get Into Something, Givin’ It Back, Brother, Brother, Brother, 3+3, Live It Up, The Heat Is On, Harvest for The World, Go For Your Guns, Showdown, Winner Takes All.

The 70s belonged to the Isleys! Younger brothers Ernie, Marvin & brother-in-law Chris Jasper joined the group, & the group mixed & incorporated elements of funk and gospel into their soulful pop music.

Songs like the politically fused hit Fight The Power, That Lady & For The Love Of You were amazing hits released during this decade.

Groove With You is one of my favorite Isley Brothers songs released in the 70s. They snapped!

& you cannot forget about Voyage To Atlantis! ❤️

The 80s:

Albums Released: Go All The Way, Grand Slam, Inside You, The Real Deal, Between The Sheets, Masterpiece, Smooth Sailin’ Spend The Night.

The 80s gave us HITS that stick like GRITS! Don’t Say Goodnight, Between The Sheets, & Choosey Lover!

Ernie, Marvin & Chris eventually left the group after the success of the Between The Sheets album, & formed the group Isley-Jasper-Isley! Their most known hit is Caravan Of Love! 🙌🏾

after the death of O’Kelly, Ronald & Rudolph released a few albums as a duo..working with Angela Winbush (Of René & Angela fame & would eventually become Ronald’s wife). Ain’t no BS with 1989’s Spend The Night!

The 90s:

Albums Released: Tracks of Life, Mission To Please.

After Rudolph retired from the group, the group was reformed with Ronald, Ernie & Marvin…& Marvin left the group after the mission to please album due to diabetes complications. But songs like Let’s Stay Together & Make Your Body Sing are LIFE! 🔥

The remix to Floatin’ On Your Love had the LIVING RAP LEGEND Lil’ Kim jumping up from cakes and whatnot.

The 00s:

Albums Released: Eternal, Body Kiss, Baby Makin’ Music.

With Ernie & Ronald continuing the group as a duo, they released some of the most QUALITY music of the new millennium. Their 2001 album Eternal is my favorite album from my childhood! While the content was too mature for my young ears, it was so good my parents allowed me to listen. 😂😭 & I have an announcement:


The Eternal album had so many bops, & featured production from Angela Winbush, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Raphael Saadiq & countless others.

They kept the hits going with their next few albums!

The 10s:

Albums Released: Power Of Peace.

The 2010s showed us solo albums from Ronald, which had some BOPS okay! My favorite is Dinner & A Movie from 2013’s “This Song Is For You,” & “My Favorite Thing,” featuring Kem.

The Isley Brothers Released their most recent album to date last year with legend Carlos Santana! Power Of Peace showcases how our legends still have it!

The Isley Brothers have blessed audiences for over 60 years with the most immaculate R&B, gospel, funk, rock and soulful music you’ll ever hear.

Generations in families have literally grew up listening to this group, & if that isn’t legendary, I don’t know what is. Give these Kings their crowns & flowers, cause it doesn’t seem like retirement isn’t near for them! 🌸🌻💐🌹

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