Phyllis Hyman: Give Our Legends Their Flowers.

There’s no one on planet earth that’ll EVER come touching Phyllis Linda Hyman. Phyllis had something special. You can feel the heartache & pain through her voice, but it is classic R&B goodness.

Phyllis blended jazz, blues & R&B together so beautifully with her voice, & left us with a discography that is simply unforgettable for hardcore fans of black music.

Before she became a superstar, Phyllis had lead a band called Phyllis Hyman & the P/H Factor. Eventually she crossed paths with Norman Connors, & she was offered an opportunity to be a vocalist on his fourth album “You Are My Starship.” The rest as this history.

Her cover of The Stylistics “Betcha By Golly Wow” is a CLASSIC!!!

Phyllis Hyman has collaborated with some remarkable people over the years! Pharoah Sanders for example:

& the legendary Barry Manilow! Black & Blue is a SONG!

Phyllis was Tony nominated for her time in the play Sophisticated Ladies. She is EVERYTHING!

Phyllis Hyman (1977):

Favorites: No One Can Love You More, Children of The World, Loving You – Losing You, I Don’t Want To Lose You, Beautiful Man Of Mine, Night Bird Gets The Love, One Thing On Mind, Was Yesterday Such A Long Time Ago.

Phyllis’ debut album is so beautiful. She shines as one of music’s most vulnerable singers, & it is an affair we can’t let go of.

Sing A Song (1978):

Favorites: Living Inside Your Love, Sing a Song, Soon Come Again, Here’s That Rainy Day, Love Is Free, The Answer Is You, Sweet Music.

Sing A Song has some of Phyllis’ best songs! Songs like Love Is Free, Gonna Make Changes, Sweet Music & Living Inside Your Love are classics!

Not too long after its release, Buddah Records became defunct..& was sold off to Arista Records. Arista became her new most of the songs will be issued on her next studio album!

Somewhere In My Lifetime (1978):

Favorites: Kiss You All Over, Somewhere In My Lifetime, So Strange, Lookin’ For a Lovin’, Be Careful (How You Treat My Love).

Phyllis’ Arista debut is immaculate! The Barry Manilow produced Somewhere In My Lifetime is one of my favorite songs from PH. The vocals were on POINT, & she was just everything. My god. You just have to listen to the music!

You Know How To Love Me (1979):

Favorites: You Know How To Love Me, Under Your Spell, But I Love You, Hold On, Some Way, This Feeling Must Be Love, Complete Me, Heavenly.

Phyllis was on an all time high with the title track to her four LP. You Know How To Love Me is one of her signature tunes, & still ages like fine wine. Produced by R&B royalty James Mtume & Reggie Lucas, YKHTLM will forever remain one of Phyllis best works!

Can’t We Fall In Love Again? (1981):

Favorites: Can’t We Fall In Love Again?, Tonight You & Me, Sunshine In My Life, Just Another Face In The Crowd, I Ain’t Asking, Sleep On It, The Love Too Good To Last.

Can’t We Fall In Love Again wasn’t as memorable as her previous effort, but songs like the Michael Henderson duet Can’t We Fall In Love Again, & the post disco record Tonight You & Me showcased how versatile Phyllis was with music genres.

Goddess Of Love (1983):

Favorites: Riding The Tiger, Let Somebody Love You, Just Me & You, We Should Be Lovers, Goddess Of Love, Your Move, My Heart, Just Twenty Five Miles To Anywhere, Falling Star, Why Did You Turn Me On.

Goddess Of Love is Phyllis’ last studio album with Arista, & thank GOD. Lol I really feel like after the “You Know How To Love Me” LP, the material just was not the music Phyllis should’ve been making.

The songstress reigns on the dance bop Riding The Tiger, & shines on a slow record like Why Did You Turn Me On. However, we know Phyllis is a quiet storm jazz queen at BEST. Working with legendary producers Narada Michael Walden & Thom Bell makes this project one of my favorites though. 😩😭

Living All Alone (1986):

Favorites: Living All Alone, Old Friend, Run Jesse Run, What You Won’t Do For Love, Screaming At The Moon, If You Want Me, First Time Together, Slow Dancing, You Just Don’t Know, Ain’t You Had Enough Love?

Phyllis found a home at Philadelphia International Records, under the guidance of legendary R&B producers Gamble & Huff. I feel as if some of her best work was with this label. Living All Alone is one of the most important albums to listen to if you are interested in the “Philly sound.”

The haunting but desirable title track is one of Phyllis’ signature songs, & rightfully so. Auntie made you FEEL her pain through her music and lyrics. That’s what makes her a favorite amongst R&B heads. Songs like Old Friend, Screaming At The Moon, Ain’t You Had Enough Love are classics on this record, & is easily one of the best albums of 1986!

Prime Of My Life (1991):

Favorites: Living In Confusion, Meet Me On The Moon, I Can’t Take It Anymore, When I Give My Love (This Time,) Don’t Wanna Change The World, I Found Love, Prime Of My Life, Whatever Happened To Our Love, When You Get Down To It.

Phyllis last album released during her lifetime, “Prime Of My Life” is an ALBUM okay!? It showcases how much of a BEAST Phyllis is vocally. It took almost 5 years to complete this album, but it was worth it.

Phyllis didn’t have to blend in with the new generation to have a successful era. She stayed true to herself and made QUALITY work. Living In Confusion is one of those quality works that stand the test of time. I read a lot of posts about Phyllis being difficult to work with. I mean..when you are one of the best, you want the best for your work. 🤷🏾‍♂️ Beautiful blends of R&B, New Jack Swing, House, Hip-Hop Music are on songs like Don’t Wanna Change The World..& the rest of the album is FIRE. 🙌🏾👏🏾

I Refuse To Be Lonely (1995):

Favorites: I’m Truly Yours, This Too Shall Pass, I Refuse To Be Lonely, It’s Not About You (It’s About Me,) Why Not Me, Give Me One Good Reason To Stay, Back To Paradise, Waiting For The Last Tear To Fall.

It’s really difficult to listen to this album, because it was being recorded during the time Phyllis committed suicide. However, it’s full of quiet storm ballads that hint at love lost, & getting over troubled times. It’s very haunting, but is remarkable album to be her final work.

Forever With You (1998):

Favorites: Funny How Love Goes, Come Right or Not At All, Forever With You, How Long, Someone To Love, The Kids, No One But You, Tell Me What You’re Gonna Do, The Strength of a Woman.

Her last studio album was music material that was unreleased during the last decade of her life. She shines through the entire album. This was music that should’ve been released! 😩 It was immaculate work, & showcases how wonderful she was. 😭

Phyllis Linda Hyman is missed to this day. She was truly an artist, & there will never be another like her. She deserves all of her flowers & then some! I am hopeful she is receiving the happiness in death that couldn’t receive on earth. There will never be another.

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