Freddie Jackson: Give Our Legends Their Flowers.

“Don’t you wanna, don’t don’t you wanna..ooooooooh JAM!”

R&B & Freddie Jackson is a love affair that should last forever. Before Usher, Maxwell, R. Kelly, etc..there was Freddie. Freddie is a king we don’t talk about MUCH! He was around when Luther was slaying the world, & rocked the quiet storm/R&B genre in his own way.

Here’s why Freddie will reign supreme.

AZ sampled Love Is Just A Touch Away for the Gimme Yours (Erick Sermon Remix).

Mack 10 & Gerald LeVert did what they had to do with Money’s Just A Touch Away.

Freddie’s cover of the late great Billie Holiday’s Good Morning Heartache is Jazz at its finest. GET INTO THE VOCALS!

Freddie & Natalie Cole? Need I say more?

Rock Me Tonight (1985):

Favorites: You Are My Lady, Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake,) Love Is Just A Touch Away, Sing A Song of Love, Good Morning Heartache, He’ll Never Love You (Like I Do).

Freddie’s debut album is a classic! You cannot he trusted if you don’t know the lyrics to Rock Me Tonight or You Are My Lady by heart. All of his singles from this album were top ten hits on the R&B charts. Coming into a game a threat to the R&B girls.

Just Like The First Time (1986):

Favorites: Tasty Love, How You Ever Loved Somebody, Jam Tonight, Janay, Look Around, You Are My Love, I Don’t Want To Lose Your Love, A Little Bit More.

Freddie played ZERO games on Just Like The First Time. He came with quality hits and ballads. Some of my favorite Freddie songs rest on this album (Have You Ever Loved Somebody & Jam Tonight,) but hits like Tasty Love made this album a very memorable one.

Freddie’s duet with Melba Moore “A Little Bit More” is an important highlight from this record as well. Don’t sleep.

Don’t Let Love Slip Away (1988):

Favorites: Hey Lover, Nice N’ Slow, You & I Got A Thang, Crazy (For Me,) Special Lady, Yes, I Need You, One Night Too Many.

Don’t Let Love Slip Away is greatness. 😭🙌🏾 I am a sucker for Freddie’s ballads, because he always snaps. Hey Lover is IT!!!!

Do Me Again (1990): Favorites: Love Me Down, Do Me Again, Main Course, Don’t Say You Love Me, I Can’t Take It.

Do Me Again showcases how crazy Freddie’s vocal range is! So many good jams here.

Time For Love (1992):Favorites: Me & Mrs. Jones, Can I Touch You, Chivalry, Come With Me Tonight, Live My Life Without You, Time For Love Tonight.

Time For Love is an album from 92 that was one of the best. His cover of Me & Mrs. Jones is SICKENING. It is so good, that it doesn’t make any sense.Here It Is (1994): Favorites: My Family, Paradise, Was It Something, I Love, How Does It Feel, Make Love Easy.

Here It Is, is criminally underrated. 😩

Private Party (1995):Favorites: Private Party, Rub Up Against You, No One Else, I Tried My Best, Once In A While, Teach Me, Lay Your Love On Me, (I Want To) Thank You.

Freddie kept the momentum going with Private Party. Nothing but hits!

Life After 30 (1999):Favorites: So Long Ago, Somebody Said, I Wanna Be Your Man, Only Man In Heaven, Tell Me What You Like.


It’s Your Move (2004):Favorites: Natural Thang, Say Yeah, Sealed With A Kiss, How ‘Bout Us, It’s Your Move.

It’s Your Move is a gem! Get into it.

Personal Reflections (2005):

Favorites: Love Ballad, Back Together Again, I Go Crazy, I Wanna Know Your Name, One In A Million, I Wanna Get Next To You.

An album of classic R&B songs covered by Freddie. His duet with the legendary Meli’sa Morgan, Back Together Again is amazing! 🔥

Transitions (2006):

Favorites: Until The End Of Time, Transitions, Hold On Me, How Can I, Stay & Talk To Me, More Than Friends, Superman.

Transitions is greatness. Superman is my favorite.

For You (2010):

Favorites: A Dozen Roses, Rumors, Slow Dance, Incognito, After All This Time, Say Yeah, What’s On Your Mind.

For You is Freddie’s most recent album, & he shows you he still has to bring the fire to the new generation! 🔥

Freddie Jackson is a R&B legend that has hits that stick like grits, & we need to give him tributes, flowers and more appreciation posts while we still have him. That voice is something special, & all of his albums are proof that R&B never dies. 💐🌷🌸🌼🌹🌺🌻

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