Patrice Rushen: Give Our Legends Their Flowers.

Patrice Rushen is an artist who is really talented. Gifted. & TODAY’S GENERATION DOES NOT TALK ABOUT HER ENOUGH! Patrice is the woman version of Quincy Jones to me. She has had a successful career as a trained pianist, composer, producer & recording artist. I am 100% sure that everyone knows her signature song “Forget Me Nots,” but her discography is a treasure that everyone needs to dig up…FAST.

She is often sought after in regards to having her music sampled, cause the people KNOW! Patrice Louise Rushen is the TRUTH!

Will Smith sampled Patrice’s signature song Forget Me Nots for his hit Men In Black for the 97 movie of the same title.

Patrice’s song Remind Me is one of the most sampled songs ever!

When Junior Mafia sampled Remind Me for I Need You Tonight…EVERY.THING.

Faith Evans sampled Remind Me for the perfect album cut from her debut album Fallin’ In Love. 🔥🔥🔥

& you know Legend Mary J. Blige is the Queen of sampling great legends. She sampled Remind Me for her song You Remind Me.

Haven’t You Heard is one of my favorite Patrice songs. Kirk Franklin did THAT when he sampled the song for his hit Looking For You.

Zhané did what they had to do on the Haven’t You Heard sampled Groove Thang! 🙌🏾

Musiq Soulchild covered Patrice’s ballad Settle For My Love, & snapped! Period.

Fun fact: did you know that Prince’s hit song “I Feel For You,” was written about Patrice?

It was recorded for Prince’s self titled album in 1979, but became a pop hit when performed by the legendary Chaka Khan.

Prelusion (1974):Favorites: Shortie’s Portion, 7/73, Haw Right Now, Puttered Popcorn, Haw Right Now.

One has to wonder what if Patrice would’ve stayed in the Jazz music market for her entire career? Cause this album is jazz greatness child! For the most part it was instrumental jazz, but it’s worth every listen.

Before The Dawn (1975):Favorites: Kickin’ Back, Before The Dawn, Razzia, What’s The Story, Jubilation.

Before jumping into the R&B world, Before The Dawn is basically your prequel. Nothing but good tunes rest here.

Shout It Out (1976):

Favorites: Let There Be Funk, Stepping Stones, Yolon, Sojourn, The Hump, Stepping Stones, Let Your Heart Be Free, Shout It Out.

Shout It Out is an album of Patrice’s that I enjoy and adore so much. The many elements of R&B, funk, jazz blending together is simply heavenly. & her vocals? Joyous. There is nothing bad about this record.

Patrice (1978):Favorites: Didn’t You Know, Changes (In Your Life,) Hang It Up, Wishful Thinking, Let’s Sing A Song Of Love, It’s Just A Natural Thing, Play!, Music of The Earth, When I Found You, Cha-Cha.

If you were looking for a strict jazz album from Patrice, don’t bother listening..cause this was the album that she made the transition into the R&B genre. Jazz critics & die hard fans weren’t pleased, & accused her for being a “sellout.” Patrice does a great job combining a mixture of the genres and making it work.

Pizzazz (1979):

Favorites: Haven’t You Heard, Settle For My Love, Let The Music Take Me, Call On Me, Keepin’ Faith In Love.

Pizzazz is one of Patrice’s most amazing works. She gained a stronger R&B audience, while losing her jazz audience more and more. However, she struck gold with the bop Haven’t You Heard.

R&B listeners bought this album on the strength of Haven’t You Heard, & eventually fell in love with the album as a whole.

Another favorite of mine is the Minnie Riperton influenced Settle For My Love. Patrice’s voice was so beautiful on this album and the ones to come.

Posh (1980):Favorites: I Need Your Love, The Funk Won’t Let You Down, Time Will Tell, Look Up!, Never Gonna Give You Up (Won’t Let You Be).

Posh continues the R&B/funk inspired music tirade Patrice was on. She came with the HEAT! 🔥

Straight From The Heart (1982):Favorites: Remind Me, Forget Me Nots, Breakout!, Number One, All We Need, I Was Tired Of Being Alone, (She Will) Take You Down To Love.

Straight From The Heart is Patrice’s breakthrough album, thanks to the signature song Forget Me Nots. Patrice came through with an album that will always stand the test of time! This album combines jazz with pop and R&B, & it works! Purely flawless.

Now (1984):

Favorites: Feels So Real (Won’t Let Go,) Gone With The Night, Superstar, Heartache Heartbreak, Perfect Love, Get Off (You Fascinate Me,) Gotta Find It, Superstar.

Patrice’s follow up to her biggest album to date is an amazing affair with crossover pop boos and mellow ballads that stand the test of time.

Watch Out! (1987):Favorites:Watch Out!, All My Love, Somewhere, Breakin’ All The Rules, Anything Can Happen, Come Back To Me.

Watch Out is a record okay?! Get into the upbeat title track, & soulful ballads like somewhere.

Anything But Ordinary (1994):

Favorites: I Only Think Of You, I Do, My Heart, Your Heart, State Of Mind, Be With You, Tell Me, Caravan.

Anything But Ordinary is a slept on album of Patrice’s. It’s some good smooth jazz records on here and needs more recognition! Find it on YouTube and experience greatness.

Signature (1997):Favorites: Days Gone By, The Sweetest Taboo, Wise Ol’ Souls, Arrival, Softly, Almost Home, Sneaky Pete.

Signature is a remarkable album to be Patrice’s most recent one to date. It became one of her albums that was primarily jazz, & her hardcore jazz fans were pleased..along with her R&B fans. Everything about this album is immaculate. Get into it!

Patrice Rushen is a talented woman who has blessed audiences for over 40 years with timeless tunes. Appreciate this gem while we have her please! 🌸🌼💐🌺

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