Jill Scott: Give Our Legends Their Flowers.

Jilly from Philly! When discussing the queens of neo-soul, Jill needs to be at the top of the list. A poet! A legend! A musician! Jill hasn’t released one bad song at ALL. Jill deserves every flower we can think of. Why? Let’s take a look at her amazing discography. 

Who Is Jill Scott? Words & Sounds Vol. 1 (2000):

Favorites: Do You Remember, A Long Walk, Gettin’ In The Way, I Think It’s Better, The Way, He Loves Me, Slowly Surely, Love Rain.

Jill’s debut album is unforgettable. She came in during the era of Erykah, D’Angelo, Angie, & Maxwell..& made an authentic and genuine neo-soul, jazz record.

Beautifully Human: Words & Sounds Vol. 2 (2004):

Favorites: Golden, I’m Not Afraid, Whatever, Talk To Me, The Fact Is (I Need You,) Can’t Explain, My Petition, Cross My Mind, Spring Summer Feeling. 

Jill continued the amazing sounds on her sophomore album. Golden is one of the best & memorable songs from 2004. The sensual whatever is a gem! Jill never disappoints, okay?!

The Real Thing: Words & Sounds Vol. 3 (2007):

Favorites: Hate On Me, My Love, Come See Me, Crown Royal, Insomnia, Whenever You’re Around, Only You, The Real Thing.

I had to recently re-introduce myself to this album because I haven’t listened to it in so long, & I personally think it’s a gem! So slept on compared to her other albums.

The Light of the Sun (2011):

Favorites: Blessed, So In Love, Shame, So Gone (What My Mind Says,) Hear My Call, Rolling Hills, Making You Wait, Missing You, When I Wake Up, Quick.

Here’s my favorite album. Her first album without Hidden Beach behind it, she stays true to her sound & her poetry roots. So Gone (What My Mind Says) & Hear My Call are my highlights. Jill had TIME for So Gone y’all. & Paul Wall’s verse? Dope. Just an overall magical record. & hear my call is a song that I listened to during my dark years of depression. Such a powerful record. 

The feel good with your lover record So In Love with Anthony Hamilton is a R&B junkie’s dream collaboration, & it’s a clear winner. 

Woman (2015):

Favorites: Can’t Wait, Fool’s Gold, Back Together, Prepared, Run Run Run, 

I think you know by now, that Jill comes with that HEAT!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Woman is a funk album with a touch of the classic Jill we know & love. Can’t Wait, Fool’s Gold, Prepared & Back Together? REAL R&B y’all! Omg. I can’t with Jill & her desire to drop quality albums when all people want to do is glorify mediocre “R&B” musicians.

Jill will always be remembered for the immaculate poetry & soulful jams she continues to bless us with. I’m ready for her new album already, because she is ear candy. Then again, you can’t expect anything less from a legend. Appreciate this lovely sista! ✊🏿 

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