Babyface: Give Our Legends Their Flowers.


Kenneth Edmonds, known as one of the most talented musicians to grace the planet in the past 30 years. For more than 30 years..he has composed timeless music for himself, and for most of the biggest names in entertainment like Whitney Houston, TLC, Toni Braxton, Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion & Mariah Carey. Enough said, so let’s get right to business.

L.A. Reid: I should have added L.A. to this appreciation post, because these two are a dream team. They were in the group The Deele, and eventually parted ways with the group to create their label LaFace. LaFace was the label home to the biggest acts of the 1990s/early 2000s such as P!nk, TLC, Ciara, Toni Braxton, Outkast, etc. They were a songwriting & producing dream team in those glory days, so this post will consist of their work together..and Babyface work solo.


Babyface’s solo work is so amazing. His Tender Lover album had amazing records like the Pebbles & Babyface penned Whip Appeal and Soon as I Get Home. I feel like most of his own discography is overlooked for his behind the scenes work. It definitely has to be appreciated more.

The Deele:

The Deele is a group Babyface was in..before embarking on his solo career. Two occasions is their most memorable song. TIMELESS MUSIC FOLKS!

Toni Braxton: 

I always though Pebbles was Babyface’s musical soulmate until I started to get into Toni B’s discography when I was younger. TONI & BABYFACE were meant to work together child! A Toni album without Babyface just isn’t right because they compliment each other in the studio! WHEW.


Pebbles & Babyface were a dream team in those early Laface days. Not only was the songwriting impeccable, but the production on Pebbles albums? Magic!


LaFace’s biggest act next to Toni Braxton, TLC remains one of the best selling acts of all time? Guess who was behind the magic? Babyface. Great songs like Baby-Baby-Baby, Diggin on You, Dear Lie, Hands Up & I Miss You So Much are timeless classics produced by Babyface.

Whitney Houston:

L.A. & Babyface started working with Whitney on her third studio album “I’m Your Baby Tonight,” & gave Whitney that push to the R&B world since they felt like Whitney was only a “pop” star. Over the years, Babyface & Whitney’s chemistry would remain strong & that’s evident in the work he is behind. 

The Whispers:


After 7:

After 7 was a group that knew how to make timeless R&B hits! With two of the original members being Babyface’s brothers, it wouldn’t be a group without the Babyface touch being on their already amazing albums. 

Faith Evans:

Faith& Babyface only collaborated on two songs, but they leave you wanting more from them. Kissing You is so amazing, & Never Gonna Let You Go? MANNNN. That’s an important song from the late 90s. 😭😩


The controversial Queen of Pop worked with Babyface on her Bedtime Stories album, & it’s so perfect. 😍

Tevin Campbell:

Tevin had TIME!!!

Bobby Brown:

Working with Babyface & L.A. on the Don’t Be Cruel album cemented Bobby’s success as the King of R&B.


Sitting up in my room is everyyyyything.

Karyn White:

Karyn made magic with Babyface. Man!

Ariana Grande:

It would be greatly appreciated if Ariana would work with Babyface on her next album. He had time on her debut! Lovin’ it is my favorite!

Mariah Carey: 

Mariah’s work with Babyface is magic, & I honestly wish he worked on her projects. Melt Away? Never Forget You? Classics!


The greatness to come from a session with Babyface & Bey is Best Thing I Never Had. A SONG! 

Babyface is still releasing new music & producing for our newbies in the entertainment industry, but I feel like he isn’t appreciated enough as he should. Give the man his flowers. NOW!

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