Review – #Sledgehammer 

“You’re just another brick, and I’m a sledgehammer.”

2016 is Rihanna’s year! Another single has been released from the ANTi songstress for the soundtrack to Star Trek: Beyond, titled Sledgehammer. Rihanna teased the track 6/26/16 on her social media platforms, & was released the following day. It was previous teased during Rihanna’s days of tweeting consistently of her saying “you’re just another brick and I’m a sledgehammer. #barz” 

Sledgehammer is penned by Fenty herself, Jesse Shatkin & Sia (who wrote one of Rihanna’s biggest number one singles, Diamonds).  It’s a powerful song that gives you chills in your spine, when you hear Rihanna’s beautiful voice. If you don’t think Rihanna is worthy of sitting with her peers vocally after hearing this record..hell, even before hearing it…you’re missing out. 

It’s too early to understand the meaning of sledgehammer, but from the sounds of the beginning of the track, it sounds like someone who ready for the battle and is determined to get out of the predicament they’re in. The “you’re just another brick & I’m a sledgehammer” lyric proves that the protagonist(s) are stronger than anything blocking their way of greatness.

This is Rihanna’s best vocal performance to date, in my opinion. She gets better and better with time. 


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