7 of my favorite Michael Jackson songs.

It’s been 7 years since we lost the best entertainer to walk the earth, Michael Jackson. Although he is missed terribly, he left behind a legacy that will forever be cherished. From amazing performances to the best visuals for his music, the incomparable superstar will be a favorite for generations to come.

Here’s 7 of my favorite songs from his iconic discography.

7. Show You The Way To Go

Although this song was created when he was with his brothers in their group, “The Jacksons,” this song is an ultimate favorite. Michael sang lead on this record, becoming a R&B hit and #1 single in the UK. 

6.  Speechless

Released on the last studio album created while Mike was alive, Speechless is the most beautiful song I’ve ever listened to in my life. “Speechless, speechless.  That’s how you make me feel.” & that’s how the world felt about him.

5.  Liberian Girl

Released on the Bad album in 1987, Liberian Girl was perceived as an song of empowerment to the women in Liberia. It’s one of my favorites because of the infamous beat. Rapper MC Lyte & R&B group Xscape would later sample this song for their 1995 “Keep on, keepin’ on.”

4. This is it

Released as a promotional single to accompany the documentary, This is It is a favorite because it’s a beautiful ballad. What more to say. 

3. Earth Song

Michael was an artist who was an advocate for social justice. This was obvious in the controversial They don’t Care about Us,  We are the World, Man in the Mirror, etc.  Earth Song was just as important as it talked about the environment and animals. 

2. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You

This is how you do a duet, ladies and gentlemen. Michael & Siedah Garrett came through. 

1. In the Closet
Michael. A young Naomi Campbell. A visual!!! This is one of my favorites from the Dangerous album. Gotta love it.

Bonus: scream

Michael never had a great history with a media. His adult life was plagued by terrible rumors and allegations that this song was dedicated to it. He teamed up with his sister Janet, & created this masterpiece as a “F you” to the tabloids. Love.

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