You don’t have to belittle women to put Ayesha Curry on a pedestal.

Ever since Ayesha made her comment on how women should dress, it seems as if she is Black Twitter’s Mother Theresa. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that. Ayesha is a beautiful woman, but if you really want to keep it real, if she was not married to a famous NBA player, she would just be another chick in the cut getting cheated on by these same sorry ass men belittling other women to make her look like a saint. I am here to tell you beloved, that. you. don’t have. to. do. all. of. that. I am knowledgeable about what men look for in a women, and to ME..the qualifications are basic as fuck. If she’s not the same color as translucent light, she has to be white or “foreign,” big tits, big ass, and a slim typically don’t have a chance. Do all men think this way? of course not! However, if you’re one of these men: I AM COMING FOR YOU.

I dislike how men will put down women like Rihanna, Amber Rose,Blac Chyna, Kim Kardashian and MANY others…because they’re unapologetic in regards to societal standards of how a woman should behave if she wants a good “man.” I don’t care how anyone view these particular women, but they are just as worthy as getting the same respect as Ayesha. l I LOVE these women because they simply don’t give a fuck. Best role models if you ask me. Why? Because I think it’s complete bullshit how y’all want an Ayesha, when your crusty ass isn’t even a Stephen Curry.

Listen here: most of the men talking down on women and caping for Ayesha are NOTHING but fuck boys who don’t get an ounce of vagina in the first place. If you are demanding your s/o to be an “Ayesha,” you better be the ultimate Renaissance man, you annoying twats. Men expect soooo much, and give so little..and it PISSES me off. This is coming from a man. You get what you deserve. If you want a good wholesome woman, be a good wholesome man. PERIOD. And you know what’s funny? I’ve ALWAYS noticed that over the years how men will have a gem, and cheat on her with a molded rock. YOU MEN HAVE YOUR AYESHAS, YET YOU TREAT THEM LIKE SHIT FOR AN ONE NIGHT STAND. PLEASE fucking spare me. Don’t sit on social media and bitch about how women should act like this or that, when you can’t even keep your sweater dick in your pants when you’re in a relationship, toots. Ruining your relationships for a nut, yet you have so much to say over what a woman should do w/ HER body. Interesting.

Ladies. I really don’t care what path you choose to go down in regards to YOUR life. However, I want you to know that YOU. MATTER. If you’re a stripper, prostitute, cashier at Walmart or a CEO, you deserve to be treated like the Queens you are. Do not allow these raggedy trifling toxic sperm having ass niggas to tell you, that you are less than because you don’t fit to the standards they expect from women. You may not be an Ayesha. Hell, we don’t even know the circumstances regarding The Currys and their marriage, but just know…you’re just as important as she is. 🙂

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