Review – Dangerous Woman


Dangerous, or the same ol, same ol?


favorites: Moonlight, Be Alright, Side to Side, Let me Love You, Greedy, Leave me lonely, everyday, sometimes & knew better/forever boy.

Ari’s third studio effort is here! Dangerous Woman is basically Grande slowly transitioning into a more serious artist. I feel as if in the past, it was all about Ariana getting out hit singles, and not putting her all into an album. I am intrigued this time around by the majority of the album, because it’s Grande’s best attempt at dipping into genres, that I enjoy! The album begins with Moonlight  (which she could have kept as the album title,) & it begins with dreamy production and is one of the best songs on the album.

The title track, Dangerous woman, follows with amazing vocals. Most of the album is cool, with tracks like Into You, Side to Side, Let Me Love You..but my favorites are Greedy and Leave Me Lonely. Ms. Macy Gray makes an appearance on LLL, and I was intrigued from the moment I heard Ms. Gray’s first word. They deserve ALLLLL of the Grammys for this album track.

Is Dangerous Woman worth a listen? Hell yes! If anything, as a whole..this album solidifies that Ms. Grande is here to stay. However, it feels like something is missing. This album will keep you interested, but I’ll say cohesion is definitely missing. When I look at album titles, I think of how it’s going to correlate w/ the album.

During your first listen of this album, it seems as if Ariana is not coming off as “dangerous.” Yes, we have themes of female empowerment and that is my opinion, but…I can understand where she’s coming from in some of the songs. When you’re a woman, you’re supposed to act this way or that way, especially if you’re in a relationship with a man. With Grande recently splitting from Rapper Big Sean, most of the tracks gives me that “A man does not define me. I am my own person, and you will ALLOW me to be that.” I don’t know..maybe you are a dangerous woman if you are going against society’s definition of a woman and how they should conduct themselves.

All I know is Ariana Grande is starting to get it in terms of being a serious mature artist. Yes. Ariana has the voice. The beauty. She’s young. I still will applaud Ms. Grande for delivering an album that I’m sure we will be bumping all summer. – MJ.


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2 thoughts on “Review – Dangerous Woman

  1. I love sometimes it’s my favorite off of her album. I also like into you,i don’t care and thoughts on you. I feel like there is some thing missing by too she could’ve added some more pizzazz to the album but I definitely wanna see her on tour!

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