DEATH to HBCU vs. PWI debates.

This topic is so exhausting. Draining. Annoying. Words can’t express how much I can’t stand those who partake in the discussion. Well, here’s how I feel about it: during my senior year of High School, I applied to say many HBCUs and got into the University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff..which is where my Grandfather’s family originated from. However, i decided to go to a school closer to home because I was not ready to be so far away from my mom. I decided to attend the University of Wisconsin-Parkside..which is approximately 45 minutes away from my home. At first…I hated “Parkside,” because it was too small and I had my mind set up on transferring to Tennessee State University or UW-Whitewater (another PWI in my home state of Wisconsin). It was a very hard decision for me, but I decided to not attend TSU because I could simply not afford out of state tuition, and did not want to lose credits that I worked so hard to obtain. I am sure the experience would have been AMAZING. However, as time went on..I was deep into my major, made my group of friends that I will be friends with forever..and actually adapted to actually staying at this school. I made a promise to myself that if I decided to go to grad school, a HBCU will be on the top of my list since I did not go during undergrad. In fact, once my best friends and I move to the south, (HOPEFULLY ATLANTA,) I’ll make it happen. 🙂


So, since I’ve been on twitter during it’s so called “WOKE” stage, the “WOKE” people who attend HBCUs sit on social media and belittle those who attend PWIs, and call us “Uncle Toms.” “Sellouts.” You name it, we’ve been called it. BELOVEDDDDDDDDDDD. It’s extremely petty for you, (to be an “educated” put down your own people because they did  not attend a HBCU. I am that individual who is happy to see black people in college, PERIOD. The odds are already against us, in this fucked up place we call society..why make it even more difficult w/ your bullshit opinion. lol. I am positively sure that ANY black person would LOVE to attend a HBCU. A lot of factors can go into play as to why people don’t choose to attend one. It can be financial reasons (which is ain’t cheap BIH..especially if you are not from that state…HAVE YOU SEEN THE PRICES?!,) personal reasons (wanted to attend a more diverse university,) or they simply just…DON’T WANT TO. You can’t make anyone feel guilty because they’re not experiencing what you are. It’s just not that deep, sis.

“Why wouldn’t you as a black person want to attend a HBCU? You don’t support us, but you’ll support the white man.”

Girl, gone. Are you going to pay back those outstanding loans and expenses for me to attend one? …..Aw ok.

“People who attend PWIs love to belittle those who attend HBCUs. Y’all just want to prove to the white man you’re just as good as they think they are.”

I love HBCUs. Watching from the lenses of the people I know that attends one, it’s an amazing experience. I can’t wait for grad school, so I can experience it for myself. I would never speak ill of institutions that only accepted my people at a time no else would. I currently attend a PWI, but it is one of the most diverse Universities in the UW system. I’ve met and interacted with so many people from different cultures: Black, White, name it. I wouldn’t trade my PWI experience for the world because it’s preparing me for the real world. THE REAL WORLD IS NOT ALL BLACK AND I AM BEING REAL HERE. I am as pro-black as they come, but come on man. shut up. When you go into the corporate world, it’s not going to be all black people? it’s going to be people from all different walks of life..k? K.

“A PWI will never be a HBCU. Black student unions/clubs will never amount to what a HBCU offers.”

No shit, Sherlock. who says it does? PWIs have those organizations because the lack of diversity is real in NORTHERN STATES, AS WELL AS THOSE SOUTHERN STATES THAT HAVE PWIs.

“Black students at PWIs imitate HBCU’s and the culture. It’s cultural appropriation. Blah blah blah.”

Exactly how can my Black ass can appropriate my OWN culture? “HBCU culture” comes from  BLACK culture right? Save the fake woke shit for the Rachel Dolezals.

In SUMMARY, you do not have to be fake woke for attention on social media. Me attending a PWI does not take away from my experiences as a proud BLACK man. In fact, I’ve met some of the socially conscious people, at my PWI. In no way am I saying PWIs are better, because they still have their faults..too. What I am saying is: be happy and proud that OUR people are out here prospering. I don’t care if you go to a PWI, HBCU, or a trade school. The fact that we are showing the world that we are more than being what they thought of our ancestors is everything to me.





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