Double Standards, and why I am so OVER it.

 My face when I read/hear men giving their shitty opinions on how women should conduct themselves (Kandi is my meme/gif Queen, lol!)

During my sophomore year of college, I took this Gender & Society course for my minor (Sociology). I remember reading in the textbook about double standards. BOY, OH BOY. The textbook stated that men are promiscuous by nature, & it is acceptable socially. That getting notches on their belt means they’re just being  a “MAN.” Women, however..are deemed whores if they sleep with more than one man. Hell, even if they haven’t slept with anyone. It is amazing to see how hypocritical society and the members in it..are. Prime example: For the past few days, R&B newcomer Kehlani’s name & reputation has been SLAUGHTERED all over social media by men and SOME women for allegedly “cheating” on NBA player Kyrie Irving with OVO member PARTYNEXTDOOR. & my question to you is why? I, nor the rest of the world really knows what is going on with that love triangle. Don’t really care to know either.

What’s crazy to me is how the woman almost took her life, over the fiasco, yet everyone is worrying about whether she posted her IG post for attention or whether it was a cry for help. Let’s exclude that from the issue at hand. Why does Kehlani has to be declared a ho because of a love triangle we really don’t know a thing about..and men cheat on their significant others ALL of the time? 🤔 like speaking from experience, I’ve been cheated on..exes slept with my “friends” and everything. Yet, they can sit on social media can say “these hos can’t be trusted.” LOL like please spare me. I’m a man, and I am over the BS. This is why men cannot be taken seriously. Men think they cannot be sluts, and I am here to tell you that YOU can be.

You can’t go around criticizing women for being whores when you will lay down with any hit dog with fleas. Double standards are pure BS, and is not taken seriously around here. Don’t feel bad ladies. The gay community is ten times worse. If you’re a “top,” you basically have the same treatment as a straight man, but a “bottom,” gets treated just like a woman in my opinion. It’s like when men choose a mate..they have to have a body count of 1 person…or they’re a ho..or slut. Meanwhile his body count is longer than Keyshia Cole’s block list. mute list on twitter..and that is FAR from short.

I am a big advocate for the progression of women in society. I don’t care if you’re an escort or a CEO. LIVE YOUR LIFE, AND DON’T ALLOW MEN AND THEIR BS standards get you down. It’s very interesting to see men telling women how they should conduct themselves as women, when they’re nowhere near being a man. Laying your pipe around anyone who’s willing to take it, does not make you a man. Important experiences does. It’s too many men with the mentality of Christina..excuse me. I meant Chris Brown, and not men with some damn sense. CB had the audacity to say “these hos ain’t loyal,” but wasn’t loyal to nan ONE of his ex girlfriends and cheated on one of them and had a baby! Child, bye.

oh. & welcome to my blog! lol. thanks for reading! more of my shenanigans to come. 🙂

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