Al Green’s “I’m Still in Love with You”

Released: October 23, 1972

Genre: Soul

Label: Hi

Producer: Willie Mitchell


Al Green is one of the most legendary Soul singers alive. By 1972, he was becoming a household name after the success of his fourth studio album Let’s Stay Together, and the albums that came before Al Green Gets Next to You, Green Is Blues & Back Up Train.

Al Green’s fifth studio album I’m Still in Love with You was released October 23, 1972 on Hi Records. While the album shares some similarities to its predecessor Let’s Stay Together, I’m Still in Love with You is easily one of the most smoothest soul records in the past 50 years. Produced solely by Willie Mitchell, Al & Mitchell was in that studio making MAGIC! I’m not saying his prior albums aren’t masterpieces, because let’s be honest: Al Green is one of the greatest to ever do it. His vocals are smoother than butter, the productions and arrangements are so top tier, he’s one of the most sampled artists in the world of music! like be for real and pay homage to my boy!

Like you know that one album that is so timeless that you can play it over and over? It’s this album for me! It’s complex, but perfect. I don’t think there’s an album out today that can make me say these words. With themes of love & sensuality, I’m Still in Love with You warps you into a world of a classic masterpiece period. The album was a commercial success for Al, selling over one million copies and certifying platinum. On the charts, the album peaked at number one on the Billboard R&B Albums and number four on the Billboard 200 charts respectively.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you Al Green’s I’m Still in Love with You.

Side one:

I’m Still in Love with You

Written by Al Green ∙ Al Jackson Jr ∙ Willie Mitchell

The album opens with the title track I’m Still in Love with You, which is truly the perfect song to prove to someone that you are still in love with them literally! I love everything about the production, timeless lyricism and of course Al’s vocals. The song was a number one hit on the Hot Soul Singles and number three on the Billboard Hot 100 charts respectively. The song has been covered by artists such as Meli’sa Morgan, Al B. Sure & Seal, and was sampled by artists like John Legend & Disclosure!

I’m Glad You’re Mine

Written by Al Green

I’m Glad You’re Mine has some of the most famous production on it, speaking that the song is one of the most heavily sampled songs ever, but the lyricism was truly it for me in every aspect. The song has sampled by many artists such as The Notorious B.I.G., Big Timers, Mary J. Blige, MC Lyte and many more.

Love and Happiness

Written by Al Green • Mabon Hodges

Love & Happiness is the most quintessential Black song about love. Black love at that. Its raw and gritty production and Al’s soothing vocals makes this song one of a kind.

What a Wonderful Thing Love Is

Written by Al Green

What a Wonderful Thing Love Is…is an important song to play at a family function. Everyone is going to play the song out like nobody’s business. It’s something nostalgic about the beat to this song dropping and everyone gets their entire life and sings the song in unison. Pure magic!!! The song has been sampled by Teena Marie & Big Mike.

Simply Beautiful

Written by Al Green

I DON’T TRUST A LIVING SOUL WHO DOESN’T KNOW THE GREATNESS THAT IS SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL. This song is just the most beautiful love song that has ever been written! It has also been one of the most sampled songs in R&B, with artists like Mary J. Blige, Destiny’s Child, Angie Stone, Kid Cudi and many more appreciating its greatness.

Side two:

Oh, Pretty Woman

Written by Bill Dees • Roy Orbison

Al Green turned a rock and roll song into a soul classic with Roy Orbison’s classic Oh, Pretty Woman. GOTTA LOVE IT.

For the Good Times

Written by Kris Kristofferson

For the Good Times is a country classic written by Kris Kristofferson, that’s been warped into a soulful number by Al…and is the a remarkable take on it. Just whewwwww

Look What You Done for Me

Written by Al Green • Al Jackson, Jr • Willie Mitchell

Let me say before I forget, that loving you baby, it’s where it’s at, yeah!

Al Green, Look What You Done For Me, 1972

Look What You Done for Me is my mf song!!! It was a big hit for the singer, peaking in the top 5 on the pop and R&B charts. A timeless classic! The song has been sampled by Arrested Development and Method Man.

One of These Good Old Days

Written by Al Green

The album closes with the self penned One of These Good Old Days. This is one of my favorite songs to smoke to, because it is an amazing vibe. It’s just a chef’s kiss type of record period.

Al Green put his FOOT into this album, and meant it 1000%. It should be a crime how wonderful this album is and will forever be one of the greatest to ever drop in the history of music, The memories of being young and surrounded by the people who raised me and nurtured me showcases the beauty of knowing wonderful music. Definitely a must hear if you’re trying to get into the genius of Al Green. -MW.

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