414 love: An Ode To My Favorite Female Rappers from the Mil.

I’m known for giving Black artists their flowers, but I’ve never done it from a local standpoint to give homage to our people that were either born or raised in the Milwaukee in the form of the arts. I definitely felt it was time to give you guys a glimpse of some of the artists from the area of the cream city.

This is kind of like a newer twist to my old school “Give Our Legends Their Flowers” posts whenever I focused on Black labels. Keep in mind, there are tons of amazing musicians and entertainers from the MKE area, but I wanted to shine some light on just some of the talent I’ve observed over the years.

The Oshi

Favorite project: “Confidential”

I’ve had the amazing pleasure of meeting The Oshi my freshman year at my alma mater the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. We took music 100 or 101 (I do not remember chile lol,) and I just knew she would be destined for greatness. If you ask me, The Oshi is one of Milwaukee’s most talented female rappers. I love her flow, versatility and all.


Favorite project: “3”

Knicksyn is another talented musician from Milwaukee I HAVE to give my flowers to. She currently resides in Minnesota, but Milwaukee is her hometown so you know I had to shine light on the MKE natives too! I love everything about her flow, lyricism and production just really gets me! Make sure you look up Knicksyn on Soundcloud & YouTube! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Auti Marie:

Favorite project: Boss Bitch Magic

Anti Marie is such a sweetheart! & she is definitely one of the flyest and dopest lyricists in the 414 area! She is just whew, so amazing. I love her music!

In the future, I will definitely go more in depth with local artists in the Milwaukee area..so this is a teaser for what’s to come! ☺️😉

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