Kelis’ “Food”

Released: April 21, 2014

Genre: Soul • R&B

Label: Ninja Tune

Producer: Kelis, David Andrew Sitek & Stereotypes


Kelis is a veteran in this music game. Next year will be 25 years since she has embarked on her music journey, being a trailblazer in fashion & entertainment. The girls today owe Kelis an abundance of flowers, because the influence is definitely there. Kelis has given us quality music over the years like “Caught Out There,” Milkshake,” “Good Stuff,” “Trick Me,” “Bossy” and many more tunes. & don’t get me started on the features!

Kelis kept the same energy with her sixth studio album Food, which dropped April 21, 2014 on the English independent label Ninja Tune. Food was a huge departure from her previous album Flesh Tone, which was hugely influenced by electronic and dance genres. Food isn’t your daily modern R&B album. It is truly the definition of Rhythm & BLUES.

The album contains elements of funk, afrobeat, Memphis soul and neo soul. One thing I’ve always loved about Kelis is how versatile she is as an artist, because she could drop a country album, and I’ll be at the concert reciting every lyric.

In summary, Food is good for the soul right? You get that with this record because Kelis put her FOOT in it okay! I think the album is criminally underrated. The fact that most of the songs are named after foods when Kelis is a whole chef is honestly extremely genius! Even when she was promoting the album, she served free meals from her food truck at a festival to promote the album.

The album peaked in the top 5 on the UK R&B & Independent album charts, and number twelve on the US Billboard Independent Albums charts respectively.

Part A:


Written by Kelis Rogers, David Andrew Sitek & Todd Simon

So much of who we are is from who taught us how to love..

The album starts with Kelis’ son Knight Jones asking if you guys are hungry, because his mom made food. Knight is the inspiration behind the opening track as Kelis gives us vocals on this record!

Jerk Ribs

Written by Kelis Rogers, David Andrew Sitek & Todd Simon

Jerk Ribs was the lead single from the album, and is truly one of the highlights. This is what true soul sounds like! I love the video even more because our girl was giving LOOKS! It gives me a 70s vibe and i love it.

Forever Be

Written by Kelis Rogers, David Andrew Sitek & Todd Simon

I really love Forever Be. If this album wasn’t so underrated, this song could have had crossover appeal if they would’ve selected this as a single.

Part B:


Written by Kelis Rogers, David Andrew Sitek & Todd Simon

Floyd is a SONG!! When you see Kelis, you see an entertainer who is a mother, was married to a rap legend, a chef and so much more. The song is about wanting the right one to come in her life and sweep her off of her feet. The void of not having a lover can be annoying at times, but you don’t want any bs either!!!


Written by Kelis Rogers, David Andrew Sitek & Todd Simon

Y’all know I love a slow jam! Runnin’ gives me just that. From a lyrical standpoint, the song speaks about coming out of the limelight for the simpler life. The song gives Dusty Springfield vibes! One of the true highlights from the album.


Written by Kelis Rogers, Jeremy Reeves, Jonathan Yip, Ray Romulus, Ray Charles McCullough, David Andrew Sitek & Todd Simon

HOOCH IS A MF SONG OKAY!! Hooch has Memphis soul written all over it through and through. The song was featured on ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder a few years back as well!

Part C:


Written by Kelis Rogers, David Andrew Sitek & Todd Simon

Cobbler takes the cake for being my favorite song on Food. From a lyrical perspective, Cobbler gives me James Brown vibes and I love that about Kelis. She gives us vocals on this amazing record about a guy who leaves a great impression on our girl.

Bless The Telephone

Written by Labi Siffre

A duet with Sal Masekela, Bless The Telephone is an acoustic cover of the hit record from the iconic 70s folk/soul artist Labi Siffre.

Friday Fish Fry

Written by Kelis Rogers, David Andrew Sitek & Todd Simon

Friday Fish Fry is something you’ll hear in a Quentin Tarantino film. It is something I’ll play at a fish fry myself!!! Friday Fish Fry is definitely a song you’ll hear in a blaxploitation film, and I love everything about it.


Written by Kelis Rogers, David Andrew Sitek & Todd Simon

Change is a ballad with a cinematic style and I just want to say WHY HASN’T KELIS BEEN NOTIFIED ABOUT DOING SONGS FOR MOVIES?! It is easily one of the best songs of the past decade.

Part D:


Written by Kelis Rogers, David Andrew Sitek & Todd Simon

Rumble is easily one of Kelis’ best songs! From a lyrical perspective, it discusses the singer being in emotional turmoil and fallout of a breakup with her ex…which is obviously her ex husband Nas.

Biscuits N’ Gravy

Written by Kelis Rogers, David Andrew Sitek & Todd Simon

Biscuits N’ Gravy is a hearty song that is good for the soul, and very uplifting if you ask me!


Written by Kelis Rogers, David Andrew Sitek & Todd Simon

Dreamer closes out the album with its futuristic soul influences and is truly the dessert to the five course meal that Kelis has given us with this entire album.

Kelis’ artistry is truly unmatched, and Food is truly a testament to that. If you’re looking for an album to get into, Food is truly that album. Kelis’ work on this album is truly underrated, and the people should definitely revisit this album and give it the homage it deserves. -MJ

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