Brandy’s “Two Eleven.”

Released: October 12, 2012

Label: RCA • Chameleon

Genre: R&B

Producer: Brandy Norwood, Bangladesh, Bink, The Bizness, Warryn Campbell, Mike City, Breyon Prescott, Danja, Earl & E, Sean Garrett, Danny Morris, Brandon Ramon Johnson, Jim Jonsin, Peter Edge, Rico Love, Pierre Medor, Harmony Samuels, Switch, Mike Will Made It & Mario Winans.

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By 2012, Brandy was an industry veteran. From being a musician, actress, model & producer, Ms. Norwood has earned her stripes for being a living legend. We’ve watched Brandy grown from a teenager on television, to the first black actress to portray Cinderella & has sold over 40 million records worldwide since her debut album.

Being dubbed the vocal bible by her peers and idols before her, Brandy’s impact on R&B is truly undeniable.

Brandy’s Two Eleven was released in the fall of 2012 on RCA Records. The album’s name came from Brandy’s birthday, & the date that her idol, friend and mentor Whitney Houston passed away.

Two Eleven peaked at number one on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop album charts, and was praised for it’s production, vocals and direction. The 2010s was a great decade for Brandy. From her season on Dancing With The Stars, being a series regular on the hit series The Game, and the success of Two Eleven that gave our vocal bible the resurgence she truly deserved. Let’s begin shall we?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Brandy’s “Two Eleven.”


Written by Roosevelt Harrell III

Wildest Dreams

Written by Sean Garrett, Justin Henderson & Christopher Whitacre

The album begins with the 90s inspired Wildest Dreams. Released as the second single, the song speaks about falling in love again..& how you feel like it is too good to be true. It is one of the strongest songs on the album, and was complimented and praised by critics for its melodic production and the theme of love.

So Sick

Written by Sean Garrett & Shondrae Crawford

So Sick is when you’re fed up with your lover and what they put you through…but the love and bond is so strong that you can take them back. The lover pushes her further away and starts to lose her trust, which is never good.


Written by Christopher Brown, Brandy Norwood, Breyon Prescott, Amber Streeter & David Taylor

Okay y’all this is my song!!! Brandy did what she had to do chile. Some of the songwriters on this song were Chris Brown and Sevyn Streeter, and their songwriting is evident on Slower. The song is about slowing down the pace in the bedroom. You don’t have to rush, just take your time cause y’all have all night. I really wish this song was a single because it truly deserved!

No Such Thing As Too Late

Written by Jim Jonsin, Danny Morris & Richard Butler Jr.

There is no such thing as too late when you truly love that person. The stars will align when the timing is right. That’s what I get from this ballad.

Let Me Go

Written by Shondrae Crawford, Sean Garrett, Lykke Zachrisson & Bjorn Yttling

This is the one! Produced by Bangladesh & Sean Garrett, Let Me Go is the album cut that should’ve been a single. The first one at that! It was progressive, fresh and organic. It can still thrive on radio today! The song contains a interpolation of Lykke Li’s “Tonight.”

Without You

Written by Eric Bellinger, Courtney Harrell, Brandy Norwood, Breyon Prescott & Harmony Samuels

A gem from Two Eleven is definitely the amazing Without You. Produced by Harmony Samuels, Without You speaks about how the singer can’t imagine life without the one she loves. She made a mistake and spoke on how she didn’t need him, and realized that she was lying to herself. Without You was supposed to be the third single from the album, but didn’t become it for some reason.

Put It Down featuring Chris Brown

Written by Shondrae Crawford, Sean Garrett, Christopher Brown & Dwayne Abernathy

The lead single from the album, Put It Down gave Brandy one of her first hits in years, peaking in the top 3 on the Billboard R&B charts. The heavy hip-hop influences on the record from Brandy & Chris Brown made this a hit, and it was what the album needed in regards to an up-tempo record.

Hardly Breathing



Written by Pierre Medor & Richard Butler Jr

Another record produced and written by Rico Love, Hardly Breathing is about the singer knowing that she cannot take more heartache from the man who is causing it. From a metaphorical perspective, she’s stating that she’s hardly breathing because this man has exhausted her so much that her heart cannot deal anymore.

Do You Know What You Have?

Written by Sean Garrett, Brandy Norwood, Breyon Prescott, Pierre Slaughter & Michael Williams II

Do You Know What You Have flips the script and reminds this lover that this is where its at and do they recognize it. This is another record that deserved to be a hit record. Produced Mike Will Made It, DYKWYH is a classic album cut. Period.

Scared of Beautiful

Written by Christopher Breaux, Warryn Campbell & Breyon Prescott

Originally conceived as a duet between Brandy & Frank Ocean, Brandy owns the record with her solo version about thinking about herself, self-growth and being a fearless soul.

Wish Your Love Away

Written by Brandon Johnson, Tiyon Mack, Ryuichi Sakamoto & Mario Winans

Produced by the amazing Mario Winans, Wish Your Love Away is another album cut that’s a pure gem. It tells a tale of how the singer wishes she didn’t feel foolish over her lover, and how she wishes she didn’t care for him the way she does.

Paint This House

Written by Eric Goody II, Earl Hood, Pierre Medor & Richard Butler Jr.

This classic album cut is for the bedroom! ….or other places in the house? Lol. Paint This House is a record that has the singer ready to show the entire house how much we love on each other. On the standard edition, this is the final song on the album.

Can You Hear Me Now?



Written by Nathaniel Hills & Richard Butler Jr.

The deluxe edition contains this Rico Love & Danja produced banger for the bedroom!




Written by Michael Flowers & Breyon Prescott

Brandy’s love and appreciation for her craft is extremely evident, since she has blessed us with her vocal chops for over 25 years. Well, this song is a love song for music.

What You Need



Written by Shondrae Crawford & Sean Garrett

What You Need is another bedroom banger, produced by Sean Garrett. This is my song y’all! It has a thrilling effect to the production, but still very sultry. I love it!




Written by Roosevelt Harrell III

Brandy always reign supreme, in every decade. Two Eleven proved that she can always shine! Her next album wouldn’t be released until 2020, but it was definitely a moment in R&B when Two Eleven dropped. Brandy will always be the one. -MJ

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