40 Years of Shalamar’s “Three For Love.”

Released: December 15, 1980

Label: SOLAR

Genre: R&B

Producer: Leon Sylvers III


The classic Shalamar lineup of Howard Hewett, Jody Watley & Jeffrey Daniel were a household name after the success of their biggest hit record “The Second Time Around.”

A Grammy award winning R&B & Soul music group, Shalamar was a disco driven vehicle turned into one of the most influential dance trios and fashion icons.

Three For Love was released December 16, 1980. Certified Gold by the RIAA, the group’s fourth album eventually went platinum. It is one of their best! With production from Leon Sylvers III, Three For Love gives you Dynasty inspired beats with the wonderful soundings of the group..which makes it timeless. The album peaked in the top ten on the R&B album charts. 🗣

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Shalamar’s “Three For Love.”

Side one:

Full of Fire

Written by Jody Watley, Joey Gallo & Richard Randolph.

Full of Fire is the best album opener, because they came with the heat! Full of Fire was a top 40 hit for the group.

Attention to My Baby

Written by William Shelby, Kevin Spencer & Wardell Potts.

The disco influenced record has us ready to not give up on giving our baby our undivided attention. Howard sounds so amazing on this record.

Somewhere There’s a Love

Written by Otis Stokes, William Shelby & Ernest “Pepper” Reed.

A Shalamar ballad is going to be flawless, period! Somewhere There’s a Love is one of this album’s highlights and with great reasoning. Sylvers brought something out in Howard for this record. It is a dreamy but wonderful declaration that there is something out there that’s so wonderful for us all. Whew!

Some Things Never Change

Written by William Shelby & Dana Meyers.

Another feel good record, Some Things Never Change is great for you to get up and groove to!

Side two:

Make That Move

Written by Kevin Spencer, William Shelby & Ricky Smith.

Make That Move is a record that is so mesmerizing and important to the group’s catalog. It is simply irresistible! The way that the group slid on this top 10 hit shows you that they were a group designed to be hitmakers!

This is for the Lover in You

Written by Howard Hewett & Dana Meyers.

One of the group’s best songs rest here. Written by Howard & Dana Meyers, Howard sent other male vocalists home after this record here! We truly love to see it. If someone made this their professing their love for me song, I would cry tears of joy, because this is my SONG!!! Peaking in the top 20, the song has been covered by Babyface and the group itself, and sampled by artists like Too $hort and Master P.

Work It Out

Written by Jody Watley & Nidra Beard.

Written by Jody and Nidra Beard, Work It Out is a record that has Jody singing lead, and she sounds amazing as she states that it is never too late to fix things!

Pop Along Kid

Written by Jeffrey Daniel, Howard Hewett & Nidra Beard.

The funk influenced number has Jeffrey singing lead and giving us a nice and quality bop!

Shalamar will go down as one of the most influential groups of all time. Their Three For Love album is a true gem and will be adored and treasured by fans for generations to come. – MJ

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