The Sylvers: Give Our Legends Their Flowers.

The Sylvers were a family that consisted of members Olan, Leon, Charmaine, James, Edmund, Ricky, Angie, Pat & Foster. The eldest members (Olympian, Leon, Charmaine & James) were self taught music by their father and became a group called “The Little Angels,” & were opening acts for Johnny Mathis & Ray Charles.

They are deserving of their flowers, because I think they are truly underrated and need more appreciation for their contributions to music.

Their music has been sampled by some of hip-hop’s biggest names. 🙌🏾

The 70s:

Albums Released: The Sylvers, The Sylvers II, The Sylvers III, Showcase, Something Special, New Horizons, Forever Yours, Disco Fever.

The group signed to MGM/Pride..and changed their name from the Little Angels to The Sylvers, & released their first three albums (The Sylvers I, II & III). Some of my favorites are the hits “Wish That I Could Talk to You,” “Stay Away From Me,” and many more.

Before I proceed, it’s important for me to speak about my favorite song from Foster Sylvers (who later joined the group,) which is Misdemeanor. Written by Leon, it was originally for the Sylvers’ second album…it was a top 40 R&B hit and was sampled by The D.O.C. & Grandmaster Flash!

The group expanded from 6 of the members to all siblings with the exception of the youngest (Christopher) who never performed with the group. They signed with Capitol Records, & formed a relationship with the legendary producer Freddie Perren (he’s known for his work with The Jackson 5). Their first collaboration together was their most success single “Boogie Fever.”

Written by Perren & Kenneth St. Lewis, Boogie Fever went number one on the R&B & Pop Charts and sold over two million copies.

The group’s follow up singles “Cotton Candy” & the smash hit “Hot Line” continued to make the group one of the most popular acts during the disco era.

The group sought after a more mature R&B audience, & did not collaborate with Freddie Perren and began writing and producing their own work. The album “New Horizons” have rave reviews, but was not a commercial success like their previous work. However, they had success with their singles “Any Way You Want Me” and “New Horizons.”

The group later worked with Giorgio Moroder, & has a dance club hit with their cover of Diana Ross’ Mahogany.

The 80’s:

Albums Released: Concept, Bizzare

The Sylvers final albums reunited them with Leon, however did not match the success of their earlier albums.

The Sylvers were truly one of a kind. I loved their fashion, music and vocals, and production from Leon. We need more groups with SUBSTANCE like them! -MJ

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