Groove Theory: Give Our Legends Their Flowers.

Groove Theory (Amil Larrieux & Bryce Wilson) were apart of the blooming neo-Soul movement in the mid to late 90s, with their signature hit “Tell Me.” I feel as a unit these two deserve their flowers due to the fact that they’re very talented..& gave us quality work with their debut album.

Groove Theory (1995):

Favorites: Hey U, Tell Me, Hello It’s Me, Good 2 Me, 10 Minute High, Ride, Come Home, Baby Luv, Angel, You’re Not the 1, Boy At The Window, Didja Know, Time Flies.

Groove Theory’s self titled album introduced us to the wonderful Amel Larrieux (Bryce was a rapper in the group Mantronix). It’s known for being innovative in the neo-soul movement, but Bryce’s production skills are noted for bridging the gap of hip-hop techniques with soul themes.

From the cover of The Isley Brothers “Hello It’s Me,” “Baby Luvto their signature hit “Tell Me..” Groove Theory gave us a QUALITY record in 95. It’s truly something we are missing from the world of R&B today.

The group didn’t release another full album, but were featured on the Love Jones soundtrack in 1997!

Amel left Groove Theory in 99 to begin a solo career. She was a guest on Sade’s backing band Sweetback’s album back in 96 as well!

Her debut album Infinite Possibilities was released in February of 2000. Her highest charting single solo to date is “Get Up!”

Amel eventually started her own record label with her husband Laru Larrieux titled BlissLife. Her following albums “Bravebird,” “Morning,” “Lovely Standards” & Ice Cream Everyday” are beautiful bodies of work. We love Amel over here! 🥰❤️

We knew Bryce Wilson’s production on records with Amel were impeccable, but he’s also worked with some of the best artists of all time! Here’s just some of his flawless production catalog:

Groove Theory will always be loved and treasure for their hand in the neo-soul movement and honestly should be discussed more when we talk about the genre.

Amel & Bryce are whole legends we need to see more flowers for. -MJ

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