Curtis Mayfield: Give Our Legends Their Flowers.

Curtis Mayfield is one of the most immaculate musicians to ever grace the planet. Mayfield is known for being one of the artists introducing themes of political/social awareness to soulful music. We are forever in debt to the LEGEND. He gets his flowers today!

Curtis is easily one of the most sampled musicians ever. LITERALLY.

The 1960s:

Albums Released w/ The Impressions: The Impressions, The Never Ending Impressions, Keep On Pushing, People Get Ready, One By One, Ridin’ High, The Fabulous Impressions, We’re a Winner, This Is My Country, The Versatile Impressions, The Young Mods’ Forgotten Story, Check Out Your Mind!

In the mid 1950s, Curtis joined the group “The Impressions” while he was a teenager, and they became known for their heavily influenced gospel tunes & inspiring anthems for the civil rights movement.

The 1970s:

Albums Released: Curtis, Roots, Super Fly (Soundtrack,) Back To the World, Sweet Exorcist, Got To Find a Way, There’s No Place Like America Today, Give, Get, Take and Have, Sparkle, Never Say You Can’t Survive, Do It All Night, Heartbeat.

Curtis left the group to pursue a solo career, a remarkable solo career might I add.

Curtis’ solo career reached an all time high after the release of the soundtrack to the legendary blaxploitation film “Super Fly.” Super Fly is an important album for soul and funk, mainly because of the themes of socially aware topics like poverty, drug life and the dark reality of black life at the time.

Curtis continued to be the great producer he was, and was behind some of the greatest soundtracks of the 70s: Claudine, Sparkle & Let’s Do It Again.

The 1980s:

Albums Released: Something To Believe In, The Right Combination, Love Is The Place, Honesty, We Come In Peace with a Message Of Love.

The tunes kept coming throughout the 80s from Curtis. His ear for music will always be immaculate!

The 1990s:

Albums Released: Take It to the Streets, Return of Superfly, New World Order.

In 1990, Curtis had a tragic accident that left him paralyzed, but that did not stop him from creating songs he was known for making. Although he couldn’t play the guitar anymore, that pen & voice still had something to say!

Curtis passed away in 1999, & his impact is still undeniable. His music has been sampled and appreciated by generations after him.

From Naughty By Nature to the late Mac Miller, Curtis Mayfield’s impact on music will always stand the test of time.

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