Silk: Give Our Legends Their Flowers.

Male R&B groups in the 90s were BIG! Jodeci, LSG, Boyz II Men, 112, Blackstreet, Shai, and many others made the R&B scene more sensual. However, you can’t talk about R&B without discussing Silk. Their discography and those harmonies on the songs are unmatched, period! Love is one thing, but their discography is known for SEX.

I personally feel like Silk is totally underrated, compared to other groups..even though they’ve sold over 5 million copies of albums. I believe they are very deserving of getting their flowers, because of being able to stay current and blessing us with incredible quiet storm tunes.

Lose Control (1992):

Favorites: Freak Me, Happy Days, Baby It’s You, Lose Control, Girl U For Me, I Gave To You, When I Think About You, Don’t Keep Me Waiting.

With the guidance of legendary R&B crooner Keith Sweat, Silk’s debut album was full of sensual tunes for the ladies! “Happy Days,” “Lose Control” & the hit “Freak Me” are essentials to the 90s R&B scene.

Silk (1995):

Favorites: Because Of Your Love, I Can Go Deep, Hooked On You, What Kind Of Love Is This, Don’t Cry For Me, Remember Me, Don’t Go To Bed Mad, Don’t Rush, How Can You Say You Love Me.

The elements of hip hop and sensual soulful music rests here on their self titled record. The vocals on this album are SLICK! The production is everything as well. It showcases what was to come.

Tonight (1999):

Favorites: Tonight, If You, Meeting In My Bedroom, Playa Road, Satisfied, I Wonder, Let’s Make Love, The Return, Turn-U-Out, Superstar, Sexcellent, Back In My Arms.

Tonight is an ALBUM! It is my favorite album of theirs! Although the stellar vocals and the themes are evident with every album, the production from Producer Darrell “Delite” Allamby makes the ballads sound so similar to the essential soul tunes from the 70s. Songs like “Meeting in My Bedroom,” If You” and “Please Don’t Go” are easily some of the best ballads ever from the 90s era!

Love Session (2001):

Favorites: Don’t Go, Love Session, Ebony Eyes, Ahh, I’m Sorry, Afterplay, Nursey Rhymes, We’re Callin’ You, I Didn’t Mean To.

Silk came through on Love Session! The formula is basically the same as previous albums, but the fire ballads and bops are always there!

Silktime (2003):

Favorites: Silk Love, Take Control, Silktime, My Girl, Incredible, Violin, More, Alibi, You (The Baby Song,) Check My Story.

After Gary “Lil G” Jenkins left the group, the four remaining members released this album independently. This group is simply still grooving and making wonderful tunes.

Always & Forever (2006):

Favorites: There’ll Never Be, Nite and Day, Always and Forever, Lady in My Life, Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction Suite,) Sideshow, Adore, Two Occasions, Don’t Disturb This Groove.

An album full of covers, Silk covers the tracks with ease and come through on all of the classics!

Quiet Storm (2016):

Favorites: Quiet Storm, On My Mind, I Love You, Only Takes One, She’s The One, Billionaire, Baby Suit, Slow Grind.

The group’s most recent album reunites Gary with the group and sticks true to the name of the album. Quiet Storm is EVERYTHING!

Silk will always go down for their hits that have been blessing radios since the early 90s! That’s the wonderful thing about R&B in the 90s. It never goes out of style. Silk needs to get the recognition they deserve PERIOD.

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