The Jones Girls: Give Our Legends Their Flowers.

R&B has a plethora of Queens who have the most beautiful voices you’ll ever hear on a record. The Jones Girls are some of them. Sisters Valorie, Shirley & Brenda Jones were blessing the world with vocals! & had the hits to back it up!

These legends are getting their flowers, because the people don’t talk about their music enough.

R&B group Xscape paid homage to The Jones Girls with their 1995 cover of “Who Can I Run To.” Their version is a classic in its own right, & is considered to be an essential song to the nostalgia of the 90s R&B music scene.

Faith Evans has also sampled one of the Jones Girls well known songs for her 2005 song “I Don’t Need It.” Let’s see if you can notice the sample throughout the song!

Lead singer Shirley went solo in the mid 80s, & had a #1 R&B hit of her own with “Do You Get Enough Love.”

Before the group got their shot at fame, they were background singers for Lou Rawls, Teddy Pendergrass, Linda Clifford & Diana Ross.

The Jones Girls (1979):

Favorites: Who Can I Run To, You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else, Show Love Today, I’m At Your Mercy, You Made Me Love You, Life Goes On, We’re A Melody.

After signing to Gamble & Huff’s legendary Philadelphia International Records, their self-titled debut album was released. With tunes like “Who can I Run To,” “I’m At Your Mercy, & the hit single “You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else,” the group instantly became R&B greatness.

At Peace With Woman (1980):

Favorites: I Just Love The Man, Dance Turned Into A Romance, Children of the Night, When I’m Gone, Back In The Day, At Peace With Woman, Children of the Night, Let’s Celebrate (Sittin’ on Top of the World).

The group’s second album is one of my favorite albums for the 80s. All of the songs were bops and gave us that Gamble & Huff sound we love and appreciate so much.

Get As Much Love as You Can (1981):

Favorites: Nights Over Egypt, (I Found) That Man Of Mine, You’re Breakin’ My Heart, ASAP (As Soon As Possible,) The World Will Sing Our Song, Love Don’t Ever Say Goodbye.

Their last album with Philadelphia International Records was an incredible gem for the catalog they possess. With songs like “Nights Over Egypt,” “ASAP” & (I Found) That Man Of Mine showcases those wonderful vocals they have.

On Target (1983):

Favorites: Knockin’, Curious, 2 Win U Back, I’m a Woman Here, What a Fool, Baby I’m Yours, On Target, I Can Make a Difference.

The group signed to RCA, & Released On Target. Although it didn’t sell well as their previous efforts, it has amazing bops like 2 Win U Back, Curious & Baby I’m Yours.

Keep It Comin’ (1984):

Favorites: Better Things to Do, You Can’t Have My Love, (You Got the) Right Stuff, Keep It Comin’, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Why You Wanna Do That To Me.

Keep It Comin’ is a solid record for the trio. My favorite song is Better Things To Do. Bops for days! This album has the 80s music scene written all over it.

Coming Back (1992):

Favorites: You Threw Our Love Away, Tell Me Why, Free, Merry Go Round, Could Have Been Right, All I Want, Coming Back, Where Is Your Love, Getting on with My Own Life, Somewhere Alone Tonight.

The group’s final studio album showcases how the girls still have the voices, but it doesn’t compare to their days at Philadelphia.

The Jones Girls may not get the appreciation they deserve, but it has to start somewhere. The songs they are known for gets a lot of love at our cookouts and when R&B junkies are showing them love, but more has to be done.

Valorie & Brenda are no longer with us, but if you see Shirley is on tour, go see her. The love for authentic R&B is in high demand. It would be lovely for Shirley to get the fame she achieved on her own & with her sisters again. -MJ.

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