The Pointer Sisters: Give Our Legends Their Flowers.

The Pointer Sisters’ discography will always be LIT! One of R&B’s most phenomenal groups, our favorite ladies from Oakland did it all! They were one of the most successful groups to venture into other genres like country, bebop, soul, funk, disco, rock, etc.

Bonnie, June, Anita & Ruth (the lineup would switch up over the years between the sisters, & now Ruth’s daughter and granddaughter are current members of the group) showed the girls how to be versatile and maintain to your roots.

& almost everything these queens touched turned into GOLD! They had 13 Billboard Hot 100 hits between 1973 to 1985! & they were QUALITY HITS, might I add. The Pointer Sisters have been deemed one of the greatest dance artists of all time, one of the most successful Hot 100 artists, & women artists of all time. PERIOD.

Here’s why they deserve their flowers.

The 1970s:

Albums Released: The Pointer Sisters, That’s A Plenty, Live at the Opera House, Steppin’, Having A Party, Energy, Priority.

June & Bonnie had dreams to be in the show business, & were first called Pointers, A Pair. Anita eventually joined them, & they were background singers for artists like Sylvester James, Elvin Bishop & Grace Slick.

In 1971, the group was signed to Atlantic Records. The songs they released with the label weren’t successful, but send him back is a “Northern Soul” classic.

Ruth finally caved in & joined her sisters..& they left Atlantic to sign to Blue Thumb Records.

After the release of their debut album, they were perceived extraordinary well for their versatility..which was because they vowed to never follow the current trend of pop music & to create an original sound that would be a mixture of be-bop & jazz. Which is what made them a household name with HITS that would stick like grits!

Their first hit was the top 20 hit “Yes We Can, Can.”

They gained an awesome fan base for their live performances, the vintage 40s outfits and powerful voices.

One of the best female groups since the Supremes if you ask me! This performance of Wang Dang Doodle shows how perfect they were in their earlier days.

The group kept the hits coming throughout the 70s, & even made an appearance in the classic blaxploitation film Car Wash!

After the release of their Having A Party album, the original lineup changed as Bonnie went solo & June wanted to take a break..Bonnie signed to Motown & had a hit with Heaven Must’ve Sent You.

Ruth & Anita eventually signed a deal with Richard Perry’s Planet Records & thought about changing the direction of the group.

June eventually came back to the group, & they started working on their album Energy. Their first single off of the album, a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Fire” charted at #2 on the Hot 100 charts!

My favorite song on the energy album is Happiness!

The 1980s:

Albums Released: Special Things, Black & White, So Excited!, Break Out, Contact, Hot Together, Serious Slammin’.

The 80s were good to Anita, Ruth & June. They achieved their greatest success in the early 80s.

The release of their album “Break Out” Gabe them the ultimate success! Their single automatic was in the top 5 on the Hot 100 charts, Jump (For My Love) was top 3 & the remix to “I’m So Excited” was top 10.

Their album Contact went platinum really fast after the success of their previous singles! Dare Me, Goldmine, & Twist My Arm are some of the best songs from the 80s decade.

The 1990s:

Albums Released: Right Rhythm, Only Sisters Can Do That.

They joined the Motown label in the early 90s to release Right Rhythm. It wasn’t successful as their previous albums, but they still know how to stick to their formula!!

Their time with Motown was short lived, so they released their final album “Only Sisters Can Do That.” It’s notable for being the last album that June is featured on.

June passed away in April 2006, but she lives on through the legacy she and her sisters have created for over 45 years.

The Pointer Sisters are Legends the people need to talk about me. I feel as if they’re one of the most influential girl groups that R&B music has ever seen. Get into their discography, because they’re simply incomparable. -MJ 💙

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