Deniece Williams: Give Our Legends Their Flowers.

Deniece Williams is a LEGEND, & is one of the most gifted musicians to have ever graced the earth. I feel as if Deniece’s catalog is often overlooked.

Having a successful career in R&B & Gospel music, Deniece has blessed audiences with her terrific passion for music. Here’s why she deserves her flowers.

Deniece’s work has been appreciated over the years by some of the best R&B songstresses.

Deniece’s Silly was also saempled by R&B Queen Monica for her 2010 song Everything To Me. They’ve even performed together for the records!

Let’s also recall the time Niecy & Al Green got together to sing the REAL National Anthem!

Under her maiden name, Deniece released a few records at a local label in the Chicago area.

The 1970s:

Albums Released: This Is Niecy, Song Bird, That’s What Friends Are For, When Love Comes Calling.

Deniece was apart of Stevie Wonder’s backing band Wonderlove in the early 70s. She was a backup vocalist on his albums “Talking Book,” “Fulfillingness’ First Finale & Songs In The Key Of Life. She also sang backup on albums for Minnie Riperton, Roberta Flack & Syreeta Wright.

After leaving Wonderlove to sign with Columbia Records & Kalimba Productions, Deniece finally became a star in her own right with the timeless “Free.”

The early albums that Maurice White produced were GOLD! I thought they were a collaborator’s dream.

Speaking of collabs, her duets with Johnny Mathis for their album “That’s What Friends Are For! Deniece kept her foot on the girl’s necks in the last few years in the 70s!

The 1980s:

Albums Released: My Melody, Niecy, I’m So Proud, Let’s Hear It For The Boy, So Glad I Know, Hot on the Trail, Water Under The Bridge, As Good as It Gets, Special Love.

The 80s were extremely good for Deniece! She had incredible hits like Silly, It’s Gonna Take A Miracle, Let’s Hear It For The Boy & Black Butterfly.

Deniece also started recording albums that were more gospel than R&B as well. Although she recorded a gospel album cut on each of her albums, she proved you can have a successful career during both genres. She never abandoned her roots, by still dropping bops!

The 1990s:

Albums Released: Lullabies to Dreamland, Love Solves It All, This Is My Song.

Deniece continued to release gospel music throughout the 90s with winning a Grammy for her This Is My Song album!

The 2000s:

Albums Released: Love, Niecy Style.

Her most recent album is her return to her R&B roots, & is one of my favorite Niecy albums.

Deniece still tours to this day, performing the hits that made her a household name!

Deniece Williams is the epitome of a black butterfly. There’s nothing flawed about her vocals and catalog, & will always be the QUEEN with the hits that stick like grits! Appreciate her, & give her all of the flowers in the garden! 💕

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