Brandy: Give Our Legends Their Flowers.

Brandy has a career spanning over 25 years. The good sis has been on television (I grew up being obsessed over Moesha,) infilms, & of course music. She was the first black woman to play Cinderella too! Brandy is a HUGE deal (being one of the first African-American musicians to have a Barbie doll!) During the 90s, she was simply Black America’s sweetheart and role model.

Whether people want to believe it or not, Brandy is a legend. Although I believe her antics on social media are immature and simply erratic, Brandy has a legacy. So you girls will just have to deal. 🤸🏾‍♂️🙃 Selling over 40 million records worldwide, Brandy is one of the best selling artists of all time.

Being dubbed the “vocal bible,” Brandy is partly responsible for shifting the sound of R&B with elements of contemporary, pop, & gospel music.Some of Brandy’s best moments throughout her career: her being featured on the soundtrack to Waiting to Exhale gave her one of her signature songs, Sittin’ Up In My Room. Babyface & Brandy should work together again. This is magic! 

The ballad for the soundtrack to 96’s blockbuster film Set It Off shows Brandy belting out heartfelt vocals with Tamia, Chaka Khan & Gladys Knight. Vocals y’all! Whew.

Brandy was a teenager getting down with the Hip Hop legends (MC Lyte, YoYo & Queen Latifah) for her remix to her classic “I Wanna Be Down.” This live performance from a few years ago is iconic! 

Brandy’s latest single Beggin’ & Pleading showcases Brandy versatility as an artist with elements of jazz. It reminds me of  Margie Hendrix in Ray Charles’ “Night Time Is The Right Time.” The video was also inspired by Margaret Avery’s performance in the Color Purple as Shug Avery.

Brandy was featured on Snoop Dogg’s song (I didn’t know they were cousins!) Special with Pharrell. It’s one of my favorite songs. Brandy was on that chorus giving y’all VOCALS child! 

Brandy (1994):Favorites: Movin’ On, Brokenhearted, Baby, Best Friend, I’m Yours, I Wanna Be Down

Brandy’s debut album is an album from the 90s that is ESSENTIAL to have in your music collection. With hits like “I Wanna Be Down,” “Best Friend,” “Broken Hearted,” & my favorite hit “Baby,” Brandy become an overnight sensation being complimented by critics for having incredible vocals, and great producers on her’s appeal to be timeless is remarkable.The album cuts are gems as well! Movin’ On, Give Me You, I’m Yours…are crucial songs that you have to listen to…to understand why she is a LEGEND. 🙌🏾 Never Say Never (1998):Favorites: Angel In Disguise, Almost Doesn’t Count, Have You Ever?, Learn The Hard Way, Truthfully, Happy, One Voice, U Don’t Know Me (Like U Used To,) Never Say Never, Top of the World, Tomorrow.

Never Say Never is easily one of my favorite albums! Sis had all kinds of time! This album began the working relationship between Brandy & Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins. What makes this album timeless is the lyrics and production is pure quality! 🙌🏾Angel in Disguise, Learn The Hard Way & Have You Ever are my highlight from this record, based on the fact that Brandy was serving the girls VOCALS! That’s why she’s called the vocal bible. 🙌🏾

Full Moon (2002):Favorites: He Is, What About Us, Full Moon, When You Touch Me, All In Me, Apart, Can We, Love Wouldn’t Count Me Out, Die Without You, Anybody.

Full Moon is an album i had to sit through and listen in it’s entirety to appreciate it’s greatness! Brandy blessed us with perfect quiet storm bops! Full Moon (the song) is amazing! Don’t get me started on He Is.

Brandy grows musically with every album. Influenced by her idol Whitney Houston & gospel singer Kim Burrell..Brandy came through and showed OUT.

Afrodisiac (2004):Favorites: Talk About Our Love, Who Is She 2 U, Who I Am, Afrodisiac, Where You Wanna Be, I Tried, Focus, Turn It Up, Come As You Are, How I Feel, Should I Go.

Afrodisiac is entirely different from Brandy’s previous work. Brandy shifted the sound of R&B with this record! My favorite artist Rihanna states that this album was one she listened to during the time she recorded Good Girl Gone Bad. Solange cited this album as an inspiration as well!

Experimenting with your “sound” is risky, but Brandy made it WORK! Working with Timbaland, Kanye West, Warryn Campbell & countless other amazing producers, Afrodisiac is perfection at its finest.

Human (2008):Favorites: True, Human, Right Here (Departed,) Long Distance, Piano Man, Camouflage, 1st & Love, Gonna Find My Love, Shattered Heart.

Human was a commercial disappointment, but it was an amazing album that many people have slept on! Brandy felt the album was “too pop,” but it was filled with many amazing ballads that the public can’t sleep on any longer.

Two Eleven (2012):Favorites: Slower, Wildest Dreams, What You Need, Wish Your Love Away, So Sick, Let Me Go, Hardly Breathing, Scared Of Beautiful, Paint This House, Do You Know What You Have?

Two Eleven is Brandy’s latest studio album, & is named after her birthday..& the day her idol Whitney Houston passed away.

Two Eleven is my favorite Brandy album period!! Listening to this album in its first listen, i fell in love with it. Brandy was passionate, sounding her best & gave it her ALL. She kept up with the new age R&B girls & had time to release songs that sound very good. & timeless! Her voice was so beautiful that it’s her instrument now! 10s across the board.

Brandy Rayana Norwood is an international superstar, who is one of the best selling artists of all time….selling over 40 Million Records WORLDWIDE!

The vocal bible is a title that she rightfully deserved, mainly because she’s given us records, TV shows and films..& so much more! I am looking forward to her next studio album because she is an ARTIST that is simply unforgettable. Give her a plethora of flowers.

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