En Vogue: Give Our Legends Their Flowers.

After the 60s, there weren’t that many girl groups that made a huge impact on the R&B world & pop world for that matter…like the days of The Supremes, LaBelle, The Jones Girls, etc. However, the 90s changed that & came in was the evolution of the girl groups again! 

The first glimpse of iconic girl groups was with En Vogue!! These legends have paid their dues, & deserve all of their flowers! The lineup has changed frequently with Rhona Bennett & Amanda Cole coming into place..(Rhona is currently still with the group,) but the line up of Terry Ellis, Cindy Herron, Dawn Robinson & Maxine Jones will always be remembered as the legendary singing sisters that gave us hits like Hold On, My Lovin’ (Never Gonna Get It, Free Your Mind & Don’t Let Go (Love). Here’s why I feel they should be appreciated. 🤗

Born to Sing (1990):

Favorites: Hold On, Don’t Go, Lies, Strange, You Don’t Have To Worry, Waiting On You, Just Can’t Stay Away.

The title of the album speaks for itself, speaking that all of these queens can blow. Don’t Go is my favorite song on this record because Terry played zero games!

Funky Divas (1992):

Favorites: Free Your Mind, Desire, Hip Hop Lover, Giving Him Something He Can Feel, Give It Up, Turn It Loose, My Lovin (Never Gonna Get It,) Love Don’t Love You.

My favorite En Vogue album! It’s their best selling to date, & sold 5 million copies worldwide. With production from Foster & McElroy, the funky divas covered many genres like New Jack Swing, R&B, & did it so well. The soulful rock bop Free Your Mind, told the world to stop being so shallow and ignorant when it comes to black women..& to stop stereotyping them. 

Their cover of the incomparable Aretha Franklin’s Giving Him Something He Can Feel is out of this world, with Dawn singing lead..showing the girls how it is done!


EV3 (1997):

Favorites: Whatever, Don’t Let Go (Love,) Right Direction, Damn, I Wanna Be Your Lover, Too Gone, Too Long, Let It Flow, Eyes of a Child.

After the success of Don’t Let Go (Love,) It made sense to make a new album. Dawn eventually left the group to have a solo career & signed with Dr. Dre’s Aftermath label..leaving the girls to re-record most of the songs, but it was hard to get Dawn out of most of the songs. Still an amazing record.

Masterpiece Theatre (2000):

Favorites: Riddle, Falling In Love, Love Won’t Take Me Out, Beat Of Love, Those Dogs. 

The most memorable song from this album is Riddle, which is one of my favorite EV songs. EV3 remained a trio, & honestly it worked! This album is slept on compared to the previous ones, but it gets the job done. 🙌🏾

Soul Flower (2004):

Favorites: Losin’ My Mind, Ooh Boy, I Do Love You (Piece of my Love,) Stop, Everyday.

Their recent album to date, Soul Flower introduces us to current member Rhona, & she sounds amazing well with Terry & Cindy. 

LEGENDS!!! While we wait for the release of their new album this year, revisit why they’re one of the most important Black girl groups of all time. Speaking about empowerment within women, & everything in-between is beyond deserving of getting their flowers. Appreciate these ladies & their discography! ❤️

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