Does my Gay BLACK Life Matter? 

We [Black people] are living in a time of hopelessness & fear. With us living in a time where the injustices of our black brothers and sisters are facing is being shown on social media and many other platforms, the demand for change is pretty evident.

Here’s my confusion with the idea of change for Black people: how are we going to progress as a people, if we’re still spewing hate towards another group of oppressed individuals? The homophobia that exists in the Black community is mind-blowing.

Example: A video of a young man in Detroit, Michigan was going to a store, and a twitter user recorded him going in the store..and once he came out, threatened his life by telling him to take those tight pants off (a little suspect if you ask me, but cook.) The video went viral and as a result of the homophobic guy’s inconsiderable actions, his twitter account has been taken down..& he made a new account. Source: Man Pointing Gun Spouts Homophobic Slurs in Detroit

Straight black men sit on social media & taunt Black gay men simply for being themselves. If you were truly a man interested in dating women, you wouldn’t be so bothered by what another man does in his private life. I know & have many straight heterosexual men in my life, & my sexuality doesn’t bother them at all. So what’s the issue? You think gay men want you? In the words of my good friend T-Pain..

With the Black Lives Matter movement being founded by Black Queer Individuals, you would think there would be a lot of respect for the LGBTQ black activists being on the front lines..fighting the battles for our people. DeRay is a prime example. Recently, DeRay was arrested during a protest in Baton Rouge, LA..and there were so many heterosexual men stating that they cannot support or “stand behind a gay black man in the movement.” (see tweets below).

What a man does in the privacy of his bedroom or life for that matter…has anything to do with the amazing things he’s done for the Black community. I’ve seen so many tweets that have stated that a straight black man with a family should be the face of BLM. It does NOT matter who is at the face of the movement. If they’re doing what they can do, while you’re just sitting behind a phone screen crying about gay men..then do something about it!

It’s so funny how Black women and Black gay men will go above and beyond to make sure our voices are heard for our fallen Kings and Queens..get arrested..and put their lives on the line for someone who wouldn’t give a damn about their deaths. This is why I ask you: do gay lives really matter to you?

It motivated me to write this post because I am a Black man, who is Gay. I’m sure there are people I know reading this that may or not know of my sexual preference because it is simply not any of their business. However, I am not ashamed of being openly gay. My life has not been a good one. I’ve never experienced oppression or racism, growing up in the inner city and suburbs of Milwaukee, WI..but my sexuality has always been a question of concern by a lot of people growing up. In high school, I came out to my mom and aunt..and felt a lot more comfortable being open about my sexuality. As for others..not so much.

I recall one day, I was coming home from cross country practice my junior year of high school. I was being followed as I got off of the bus. I didn’t think anything of it, since I had my headphones in. As I was crossing the busy street, a guy got out of a car, called me a “fag” and punched me in the jaw. He jumped in the car, and drove away. He punched me so hard, that particles of  a back tooth fell out (I can still feel them not being there). That experience alone taught me, that this journey will not be easy for me. I’ve often thought of committing suicide because I knew that I will never be accepted in the Black community..and in my own family. I recall my younger brother stating that he does not like gay men..because they have AIDS, and have constantly been called all types of “fags” by this brother. It is so hurtful, because it seems as if your life doesn’t matter to those that you’re supposed to love dearly. These terrible experiences have made me a lot stronger & to never be ashamed of who I am.

In regards to religion, I grew up in the church. My grandfather was a pastor, so I understood how important religion was and still is to my family. As I’ve gotten older, I had to realize that it doesn’t matter what my family or anyone else thinks of my sexuality. What is important is that I am happy. Now, at 24 years old..I am happy being myself. If that means severing ties with family members who may not agree with my lifestyle, then so be it. “Religious” people love to focus on homosexuality as being the most cautious sin when the context behind it, isn’t as deep as people love to put it. The screenshots below further explains what I mean. Those screenshots show that Homosexuality was mentioned in the same breath as heterosexual adultery..and the numerous things people do EVERY day..that are sins. Source: The Real Meaning & Context of Homosexuality in the Bible

Where I am trying to go with this post, is does my gay life matter to heterosexual black men and women? When I see tweets like this, it really makes me wonder.

If my life was taken by a white police officer, would you protest for me? Would you advocate for the justice that I would deserve for my murder? Would you even give a damn? Those are the questions I ask myself everyday. Black lives matter. No doubt about that! However, ALL black lives matter..people. At the end of the day, my sexuality does not define me..I am a black MAN to everyone who sees me at first glance.

At this time, there does not need to be a division in the Black community. We all need to come together, because they don’t see our sexualities and the things we’ve accomplished to stray away from the stereotypes that we have been burdened with. We are all black to non-black people. It’s very interesting to me that heterosexual blacks will deny gay people basic human rights and equality..when we are still trying to get that right from White people. When the pulse club shootings occurred, there was so much hate, with people saying “49 less fags that are living.” There will never be a country..or WORLD of peace until we learn how to love, & not hate.

We all have to do better. – MJ.

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