Faith Evans’ “Faithfully”


Released: November 6, 2001

Label: Bad Boy ・Arista

Genre: R&B

Producer: Sean Combs・Battlecat ・Bink・Buckwild・Hozay Clownery ・Kip Collins・Faith Evans ・Havoc・The Neptunes ・Vada Nobles ・Todd Russaw・Michaelangelo Saulsberry ・Chucky Thompson ・Mario Winans


Faith Evans is a R&B legend. She will always be known as the widow to Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace, but she is so much more. Faith is a SINGER, songwriter, producer and actress. The talent is there.

By 2001, Faith was one of the leading R&B ladies, with two platinum selling albums under her belt (1995’s Faith & 1998’s Keep The Faith). Faith was coined the First Lady of Bad Boy, and rightfully so, selling over 20 million records worldwide in her career so far.

Faith’s third studio album Faithfully was released November 6, 2001 by Bad Boy Records & Arista. An album with elements of R&B, funk, hip-hop & pop, Faithfully is a reflection of Faith’s musical taste, speaking that she was influenced by a lot of jazz, pop and rock artists during the making of this album.

Faith and her husband at the time (Todd Russaw) spent a year studying the work of artists like Chicago, , Michael Franks, Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald, S.O.S. Band and many more. It showed artistic growth on Faith’s behalf because I truly adore her music acumen. Everything from her production, vocals, down to the songs she sample for her songs is literally insane. That’s why Faith will always be my favorite R&B legend.

Faithfully peaked at number two on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip/Hop Albums chart & number fourteen on the Billboard 200 charts respectively. The album has since been certified Gold by the RIAA.

Ladies & Gentlemen, I present to you Faith Evans’ Faithfully.


Written by Faith Evans ・Roosevelt Harrell III

Yeah, yeah, yeah

Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen

It’s about that time, yeah

The first lady, Bad Boy, baby

Talk to ’em, Faith

La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la


Y’all feel me?


Can y’all feel me out there?


I like this here

Yeah, ya-yeah


Sounds so good, don’t you agree?

That’s right, yeah

Ayo, hold up, hold up, hold up…


Ayo, Faith

What up, Puff?

Let’s do the damn thing

Alone in This World

Written by Faith Evans ・Sean Combs ・Mechalie Jamison ・Michael Carlos Jones ・Jack Knight ・Herbert Magidson ・Nashiem Myrick ・Christopher Wallace ・Mario Winans ・Allie Wrubel

The album kicks off with the moody, yet amazing Alone in This World. Speaking of the feelings you feel when the one you love walks away from you, the song has the singer feeling so alone in the world they created together. Alone in This World was released as the fourth and final single, peaking at number 73 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop chart. The song contains a sample of her late husband’s classic record Who Shot Ya?

You Gets No Love featuring P. Diddy & Loon

Written by Faith Evans ・Tevell Coleman ・Mechalie Jamison ・Michaelangelo Saulsberry ・Kameelah Williams ・Andre Wilson

YOU WANT TO HAVE A NICE BOP ON YOUR ALBUM! You Gets No Love has had a chokehold on me for decades, and I just want to say it’s one of my top 5 Faith Evans records. The official lead single from Faithfully, You Gets No Love was a top ten hit for Faith on the R&B charts, and also cracked the top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number 38. The song contains a sample of Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s Get Money (Gettin’ Money Remix). The You Gets No Love remix also samples Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

Burnin’ Up featuring Loon

Burnin’ Up is another bop from the Faithfully album I enjoy. The album version featured Loon, & the single version featured Missy Elliott, P. Diddy & Freeway. The song peaked in the top twenty on the R&B charts, and at number 60 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

I Love You

Written by Faith Evans ・Anthony Best ・Isaac Hayes ・Jennifer Lopez ・Bobby Springsteen ・Michael Jamison

I Love You was almost a song that landed on Jennifer Lopez’s 2001 JLo album (thank God,) but was released on the Faithfully album. Released as the third single from the album, I Love You has the singer professing her love for someone who isn’t reciprocating the energy she is giving. The song contains a sample of Isaac Hayes’ Make a Little Love to Me

Everything (Interlude)

Written by Mario Winans • Mechalie Jamison

Faith Evans]
I was lost but now
I’ve found the greatest
Love that’s saved me from
The fall so glad you
Came around to see
What’s best for you
Is me, boy, you make me feel so right (so right)

Loving you gives me the will to carry on
You’re my everything
Nothing’s gonna stop us now
Baby, you’re my everything

Back to Love

Written by Faith Evans • Mike Cleveland • Sean Combs • Mechalie Jamison • Mario Winans

Back To Love is a nice little bop about love. The song heavily samples the 80s classic Last Night a D.J. Saved My Life by Indeep.

Faithful (Interlude)

Written by Faith Evans • Cheri Dennis • Chucky Thompson

Faith Evans]

Faithful to the end

She’s a lover and a friend, ooh, faithful

Faithful to the end

Ooh, and with this, I know you can win, just stay faithful

Faithful ‘to the end

‘Til the end

Faithful to the end

Listen y’all, she’s a mother and a wife

She is everything, faithful

Faithful to the end

Oh, even when things go wrong and you got nobody else to call

You call on good ol’ faithful

Faithful to the end

‘Cause I know you gotta stay faithful

Faithful to the end

She’s the one, she’s the one that’ll cook and clean, wash your clothes

So you always gotta stay faithful

Faithful to the end

‘Til the end, oh yeah, oh…

Y’all just take it on home, ’cause I can’t even sing no more

Faithful to the end

Yeah, I like that

Faith Evans, 2001

I love the Faithful (Interlude) cause you get that grit, and runs that Faith is known for. This interlude interoplates & samples Faithful to the End by DJ Rogers.

Do Your Time

Written by Faith Evans • Sean Combs • Hubert Laws • Harold Lilly • Mario Winans

Do Your Time is a jazz influenced ballad that has the singer letting her loved one behind bars that they have to be strong while doing “their time” and that she’ll stick by their side no matter what. The song contains a sample of Hubert Laws I Had a Dream.

Don’t Cry

Written by Faith Evans • Robert Barnett • Andre Benjamin • Patrick Brown • Sean Combs • Michael Carlos Jones • Jack Knight • Willie Knighton • Ray Murray • Antwan Patton • Adonis Shropshire • Rico Wade • Mario Winans • Kameelah Williams

Don’t Cry is a song where you get fed up with being done wrong and you don’t even want to hear from the person anymore. The song contains a sample of OutKast’s Mainstream.


Written by Faith Evans • Kevin Gilliam • Mechalie Jamison • James Mtume • Kameelah Williams

The title track is a nice little bop! Containing a sample of Mtume’s Juicy Fruit, Faithfully has the singer discussing how being in love with her partner has her open and how he loves her faithfully so she just hopes he doesn’t change.

Brand New Man

Written by Faith Evans • Kip Collins • Sean CombsMechalie Jamison • Michael Carlos Jones • Mario Winans

Brand New Man is a song where the singer touches on how she had found someone new after dealing with a cheating spouse and former friend. Rumors circulated how the song related to Faith’s situation with Biggie & Lil Kim’s affair. In the beginning, Kim & Faith were friends and eventually she found out about their romance and it was ugly for years even after his death. Chile.

Ghetto (interlude)

Written by Faith Evans • Michaelangelo Saulsberry

[Faith Evans]
Ah, yes, one time for your mind
That’s right, Bad Boy, y’all
Pedigree, y’all, Brick City

I’m coming back in a real way
Please believe it (please believe it)
Oh yeah (I’m back y’all)
My ghetto flow is here to stay (in a real way)
Please believe it (please believe it)
Oh yeah
I’m down with Bad Boy all the way (Bad Boy for life)
Please believe it (oh please)
Hey, yeah (please believe)
And Pedigree is here to stay (can y’all understand)
Please believe it (what’s really goin’ down)
Hey, yeah
I’m back baby, in a real way, oh yeah
Please believe it
Hey, yeah yeah

Where We Stand

Written by Faith Evans • Hozay Clowney • Michael FranksRasheem Pugh

Where We Stand is one of my favorite songs on the Faithfully album. Built around a sample of Michael Franks’ Never Say Die, the song has the singer questioning if the love they have for each other is genuine speaking that they just recently met each other.

Heaven Only Knows

Written by Faith Evans • Sean Combs • Jonathan Davis • Kamaal Fareed • Albert Johnson • Lilly • Rene Moore • Kejuan Muchita • Terance Perry • Mayfield Small • Mario Winans

If anyone ever ask me what my favorite Faith Evans song, you better believe I’m going to say Heaven Only Knows. I love everything about this record. The gospel influenced lyrics. The samples of Faith’s own song Keep The Faith & Esther Phillips’ That’s All Right with Me. Just flawless all around!

Love Can’t Hide

Written by Faith Evans • Vada Nobles • Rasheem Pugh

Love Can’t Hide is a GEM! I love the vocals on this song.

Can’t Believe featuring Carl Thomas

Written by Faith Evans • Jermaine Baxter • Sean Combs • Anthony Cruz • Mechalie Jamison • Michael Carlos Jones • Nasir Jones • Chris Taylor • Mario Winans • Andre Young • Jack Knight

Can’t Believe is a SONGGGGGGG! Originally put on Diddy’s The Saga Continues album, the song was an amazing duet from Faith and Carl Thomas. The song was built around a sample of Phone Tap by The Firm, and was a top twenty hit for the pair..peaking at number fourteen on the R&B charts!

Love Song (interlude)

Written by Faith Evans • Chucky Thompson

[Faith Evans]
This is a love love song
This is a love love song, ooh ooh
This is a love love song
And I’m singing it for you
(singing it for you)
You baby, yeah
That’s what it is
A love, la-la-la-love song
That’s what it is
Nothing but a simple little love song
(singing it for you)
And I want to sing it for you, baby (singing it for you)
Singing it for you
Singing a love song
Singing a love song
Singing a love song
Love…love song

Faithfully is one of the most underrated R&B albums of all time. Faith is a MUSICIAN. SHE IS A MUSICAL GENIUS, AND THAT IS SHOWN THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE ALBUM. I’ve always respected Faith Evans artistry because she is just out of this world. Hopefully y’all discover this album and love it as much as I do. -MW

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