Mariah Carey’s “E=MC2”

Released: April 15, 2008

Genre: Pop • hip hop • R&B

Label: Island Def Jam

Producer: Mariah Carey • Bryan-Michael Cox • Nathaniel “Danja” Hills • DJ Toomp • Jermaine Dupri • James Poyser • Kaseem “Swizz Beats” Dean • Terius “The-Dream” Nash • Christopher “Tricky” Stewart • Scott Storch • Stargate • Will “” Adams


By 2008, Mariah Carey was back on top of the game after the mega success of her tenth studio album The Emancipation of Mimi. The album was a huge success for Carey, selling over ten million copies worldwide & gave her the “comeback” she truly deserved.

After completing the tour for the album, she began work on the follow up record..which was one of the heavily anticipated albums of 2008.

Naming the album E=MC2 was extremely genius. Inspired by the most famous equation in the world which means “energy equals mass times the speed of light squared, the title is essentially the sequel to the previous album. (E) Emancipation (=) of (MC) Mariah Carey (2) to the second power. Mariah follows the formula that she did on the first album (ballads, up-tempo records and a gospel record at the end,) but E=MC2 reveals a more personal side of the singer. With themes of emancipation from her marriage to Tommy Mottola, obstacles from a personal and professional standpoint, the album is a continuation of what TEOM gave..and mama SERVED.

E=MC2 debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 with 463,000 copies sold, making it the biggest first week sales of Mariah’s career and the fourth biggest first week selling album in 2008 for a female artist. The album has since been certified platinum by the RIAA & selling over two million copies worldwide.

Migrate featuring T-Pain

Written by Mariah Carey ・Nathaniel Hills ・Balewa Muhammad ・Faheem Najm

The album opens with the uptempo hip-hop record Migrate. Featuring the amazing T-Pain, Migrate has Mariah singing about a girls’ night out, going from the bar, VIP lounge, after party and the hotel. The original hot girl summer record!! Speaking about the freedom and independence of women enjoying themselves and having a good time is always good.

Touch My Body

Written by Mariah Carey ・Crystal Johnson ・Terius Nash ・Christopher Stewart

WE LOVE A CHART TOPPER! The lead single from the album was Touch My Body, which was lyrically about the singer discussing bedroom fantasies and asking her lover to touch her body. It’s a cute bop and it is an amazing playful record and everyone needs that in their catalog. Another thing about Touch My Body is it was a BIG song in 2008…..okay? Even THEEE Aretha Franklin covered this song during a performance.

Touch My Body became Mariah’s eighteenth number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100, making her the only solo artist with the most number one singles in US History…surpassing Elvis Presley. She holds that record to this day. The song has since been certified 2x platinum by the RIAA.

Cruise Control featuring Damian Marley

Written by Mariah Carey ・Johntá Austin ・Jermaine Dupri ・Damian Marley ・Manuel Seal

Cruise Control is another feel good record on E=MC2, with elements of R&B & Reggae music. Featuring Damian Marley, Cruise Control has Mariah experimenting with other genres and I’ve always loved this song.

I Stay in Love

Written by Mariah Carey ・Bryan-Michael Cox ・Adonis ShropshireKendrick Dean

I Stay in Love was released as the fourth and final single released from the album, and it is one of Mariah’s most underrated R&B ballads. I Stay in Love is lyrically about a break up where the singer longs for a lover who is no more. She discusses the good times with her significant other and even though they tried to fix the relationship, they both understand that it is over and that she still loves him.

Side Effects featuring Young Jeezy

Written by Mariah Carey ・Jay Jenkins ・Crystal Johnson ・Scott Storch

Side Effects speaks about a past relationship which was extremely tumultuous, and to this day, she is still extremely fragile and suffer from. The lyrics were deemed personal, and possibly were about Mariah’s abusive marriage to Tommy Mottola.

I’m That Chick

Written by Mariah Carey ・Johntá Austin ・Mikkel S. Eriksen ・Tor E. Hermansen ・Rod Temperton

Fun fact: I’m That Chick was originally going to the title of the album!!! It is a retro, disco like record that could’ve been a hit on her Glitter album. The song contains an interpolation of Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall.

Love Story

Written by Mariah Carey ・Johntá Austin ・Jermaine Dupri ・Manuel Seal

Love Story speaks about the beauty of love.

I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time

Written by Mariah Carey ・Aldrin Davis ・Crystal Johnson ・Mark DeBarge ・Etterlene Jordan ・Clifford Harris

From a lyrical standpoint, I’ll Be Lovin’ U Long Time speaks of the singer’s devotion to her lover and expresses how much he has her. The song contains a sample of DeBarge’s Stay With Me.

Last Kiss

Written by Mariah Carey ・Johntá Austin ・Jermaine Dupri ・Manuel Seal

Last Kiss has the singer hoping that the last kiss they had wasn’t the actual last….because the love between the two will never die.

Thanx 4 Nothin’

Written by Mariah Carey ・Jermaine Dupri ・Manuel Seal

Thanx 4 Nothin’ is a song that is lyrically about being fed up with the lies, deceit and foolishness an undeserving partner brings to your life.


Written by Mariah Carey • Kasseem Dean • Shawntae Harris

O.O.C = Out of control is a song!! It’s one of my favorite up-tempo records from the album. The song contains a sample of The Salsoul Orchestra’s It’s Good For The Soul

For The Record

Written by Mariah Carey • Bryan-Michael Cox • Adonis Shropshire

For The Record has the singer not wanting to have what ifs about a complicated relationship.

Bye Bye

Written by Mariah Carey • Johntá Austin • Mikkel S. Eriksen • Tor E. Hermansen

Bye Bye is such a touching and amazing song for this album & Mariah’s catalog period. From a lyrical perspective, the songs is about dealing with the loss of a loved one. In a sense, it has become a memorial for people losing those near and dear to their heart. The song is also very personal in regards to Mariah because she speaks about losing her father to cancer in 2002. The song became a top 20 hit on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at number nineteen.

I Wish You Well

Written by Mariah Carey • James Poyser • Mary Ann Tatum

No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Surely God is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid.

-Mariah Carey, 2008

The album closes with a gospel record (similar to how TEOM closed with Fly Like a Bird) titled I Wish You Well. From a lyrical standpoint, I Wish You Well is extending forgiveness to those who have wronged Mariah in the past.

Mariah’s catalog is practically flawless, and E=MC2 is no exception. It is a true gem in the 2000s decade of music. One thing I love to say about Mariah, is that she is the Queen of Music and this album is just one of the reasons why my opinion is factual. -MJ

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