40 Years of Chaka Khan’s “Naughty.”

Released: March 26, 1980.

Genre: Funk, R&B & Soul

Label: Warner Bros.

Producer: Arif Mardin


By 1980, Chaka Khan was one of R&B’s leading ladies. The Queen of Funk was the lead vocalist for the funk band Rufus, before going solo and blessing the world with “I’m Every Woman.”

Chaka released her sophomore album in the spring of 1980. Although it did not have the commercial success as her stunningly beautiful debut, Naughty is a soulful funky masterpiece.

With production from Arif Mardin, he & Chaka were a great duo! Naughty is everything you can expect from Chaka. It’s one of my personal favorites! Peaking in the top ten on the R&B album charts, Naughty is a solid gold record from our favorite lady.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you: Chaka Khan’s “Naughty.”


Written by Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson

Written by powerhouse songwriters, Ashford & Simpson, Clouds was a top ten hit and is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. The quiet storm number has elements of contemporary R&B and funk influences. Also, we get background vocals from THE WHITNEY & CISSY HOUSTON.

Get Ready, Get Set

Written by Kathy Anderson, Ellison Chase, Bill Haberman, Art Jacobson

One of the album’s highlights is this silky smooth funky record! Peaking at #48, this song deserved so much more, because Chaka was giving y’all vocals okay!

Move Me No Mountain

Written by Jerry Ragovoy & Aaron Schroeder

The label SUCKS for not making this glorious cover of Love Unlimited’s “Move Me No Mountain.” Chaka’s version is so flawless, that the other versions practically don’t matter. Move Me No Mountain is a smoky jazz & quiet storm influenced record that is truly one of Chaka’s best.

Nothing’s Gonna Take You Away

Written by Deborah Ash & Bill King

A beautiful ballad from the Queen of Funk showcases her vocal chops to the T!

So Naughty

Written by Charles Fleischer & Michael Mugrage

The previous song leads into So Naughty, and Chaka wins once again with this funky and soulful number. The instrumental alone is flawless. 10s across the board.

Too Much Love

Written by Dan Greer & Andrew Kastner & Jeff Wilson.

Songs like Too Much Love is the reason why we love Ms. Khan..her vocal range is outrageous on this record!!!

All Night’s All Right

Written by Weldon Dean Parks

This post disco influenced record is another highlight from this album.

What You Did

Written by Chaka Khan & Mark Stevens

Chaka better tell that man no one will ever replace him! Her voice is truly that amazing that anything that comes out of her mouth is truly wonderful.

Papillon (a.k.a. Hot Butterfly

Written by Gregg Diamond

One of my favorite songs from Chaka is her version of Gregg Diamond’s version (which Luther Vandross sang lead on). Telling the tale of a love affair gone awry, Chaka’s version is pure magic….enough said. She even had Luther & Cissy on the background vocals! Lordddd.

Our Love’s In Danger

Written by Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson.

I am totally judging you if the album closer here isn’t one of your favorite Chaka songs..why? Between the stellar production, songwriting from Ashford & Simpson to background vocals from Cissy, Luther and a young Whitney…I would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall during that studio session. MS. KHAN WAS GIVING THE GIRLS A RUN FOR THEIR MONEY! This is truly a fan favorite if you stan Ms. Chaka.

Chaka will go on to be one of the most beloved ladies in music. While horrifically slept on, Naughty is truly a masterpiece music lovers have grown to love and enjoy. They cant sleep forever!

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