Angela Bofill: Give Our Legends Their Flowers.

Angela Bofill is one of my favorite songbirds. In the late 70s & early 80s, Angela blessed audiences with her precious voice and catalog to match. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, she became a trained musician and was one of the singers who had an five octave range! It’s crazy how they don’t talk about Angela enough and give her the flowers she deserves.

Angela’s catalog has been sampled and appreciated by artists that came after her.

The 70s:

Albums Released: Angie, Angel of the Night.

Angela’s debut album “Angie” was released in 1978 on GRP Records, accompanied with one of her best songs “This Time I’ll Be Sweeter!”

Angela became a beloved songstress early on in her career because of how she blended jazz, Latin & R&B music so beautifully throughout her discography.

Her follow up album “Angel of the Night” is a testament to my statement. One of the album cuts “I Try” is easily one of Angela’s best songs. You feel the pain of every lyric, her vocals.!

The 80s:

Albums Released: Something About You, Too Tough, Teaser, Let Me Be The One, Tell Me Tomorrow, Intuition.

Angela moved to Arista Records & released a lot of her best work! 🙌🏾😭

Angela’s 1988 album Intuition is one of my favorites! Working with Norman Connors, she came through.

The 90s:

Albums Released: I Wanna Love Somebody, Love in Slow Motion.

Angela’s career did not have the success she did at the beginning, but take did not lose her talents whatsoever. Her 90s albums are criminally underrated.

The 00s:

Albums Released: Live from Manila.

During the 2000s, Angela’s health took a turn for the worse when she had a stroke in 2006. Months later, she released a live album “Live From Manila.” For her to go through such a horrible experience and still SING..showcases how strong of a woman she is.

Angela Bofill is truly one of the best songstresses the world of R&B has ever seen.

I would love to see a lot of today’s R&B queens pay homage to Angela while she is with us! She deserves! -MJ

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