Barry White: Give Our Legends Their Flowers.

Barry White is one of the best musicians of all time. I usually say that about all of the people I’ve done posts for, but Barry is in another category. I get my love of old school music from my mom. I remember the days of her playing Barry when I was a kid, & all I remember was his rich voice. The incredible production.

Everything Barry touched was GOLD, & essential to Black culture in the 20th century. This is why he deserves all of his flowers.

A young Barry White was the pianist in Jesse Belvin’s “Goodnight My Love” song. He was 11. 11!

You HAVE to HAVE Barry on your track! He’s been on some real good love R&B tracks.

The Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction Suite,) will always be one of the best R&B songs of all time. 😭😩🙌🏾 Barry had to do what he had to DO! 🗣🗣

That moment when Barry collaborated with legendary rapper Big Daddy Kane to create a quality record! All of Me is MY song!

Barry collaborated with Lisa Stansfield with a duet version of her hit “All Around The World” EVERYTHING!

Barry’s music has been sampled by the greats after him as well!

The 1960s:

Barry got his start in the music industry by joining music groups. His first shot in the industry was being apart of The Upfronts, & they’re known for the song “Too Far To Turn Around.”

The 1970s:

Albums Released: I’ve Got So Much to Give, Stone Gon’, Can’t Get Enough, Just Another Way to Say I Love You, Let the Music Play, Is This Whatcha Wont?, Barry White Sings for Someone You Love, The Man, I Love to Sing the Songs I Sing, The Message Is Love.

Barry’s big break came from being a producer of a girl group he discovered called Love Unlimited, which included his wife Glodean. They were also a backing trio to most of Barry’s own records.

Barry had amazing success as a solo artist. The maestro dropped quality bops after bops. He easily became one of the greatest musicians of all time.

The 1980s:

Albums Released: Sheet Music, Beware! Barry & Glodean, Change, Dedicated, The Right Night & Barry White, The Man Is Back!

The 1980s weren’t as successful for Barry as the disco era faded away, but his album with wife Glodean is LIT! They came with the HITS!

Barry gave us quality hits in the 80s that people don’t talk about enough!

The 1990s:

Albums Released: Put Me in Your Mix, The Icon Is Love, Staying Power.

The 1990s were good to Barry! After the success of The Secret Garden, interest for Barry & his catalog were at an all time high! His music was sampled by Mary J. Blige, NWA, Q-Tip, etc.

Barry came with the jams though! His song Dark & Lovely (You Over There) with Isaac Hayes is everything!! I love when legends get together.

The king came back to take no prisoners with his 19th album “The Icon Is Love.” His most successful album since the 70s, he dropped a quality record like “Practice What You Preach.” Written by Barry & Gerald LeVert, it became a HIT in 94!

Barry’s later hits in the 90s are everything too! From the Quincy Jones’ star studded “Slow James (Babyface, Tamia & Portrait) to duets with Chaka Khan & Lisa Stansfield, Barry came with the HEAT!

Barry passed away on July 4, 2003, & Music hasn’t been the same. His rich dark voice and the amazing music he dropped for decades will always be remembered and cherished for generations and generations.

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