Solange’s “When I Get Home.”

Released: March 1, 2019

Genre: R&B • jazz • psychedelic soul • funk • hip hop • new-age-trap • ambient

Label: Columbia

Producer: Solange Knowles • Chassol • Daniel Julez J Smith II • Dev Hynes • Duval Timothy • Earl Sweatshirt • Jamire Williams • John Carroll Kirby • John Key • Metro Boomin • Panda Bear • Pharrell Williams • Standing on the Corner • Steve Lacy • Tyler, The Creator


Solange Knowles is truly one of the most remarkable entertainers ever. A fashion icon, songwriter, producer, actress, all of that. However, I’ve always felt Solange was CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED because she hasn’t released a bad project yet & she has not had the success her sister has…

but all of that changed with the ode to the Black experience record A Seat at the Table (2016). Released to worldwide critical acclaim, the album opened the world’s eyes to Solange and made them realize that she is more than Beyoncé’s baby sister. Her catalog is truly flawless and her sound is truly like no other.

Solange released her fourth studio album When I Get Home on March 1, 2019. The follow up to A Seat at the Table, When I Get Home is a blend of “cosmic” jazz, hip hop & R&B, with elements of psychedelic soul, trap music and much more. Everything about this album is electrifying, addictive & legendary. There’s even a movie Solange made for the album. & the visuals are truly flawless & make me want to pack my bags and move to Texas.

Also, the album is a love letter to Solange’s hometown of Houston, Texas, which is known for the technique of remixing hip hop music (Chopped and screwed,) which is an element Solange utilizes for the album. Another beautiful fact about this album is that it is narrated by sampled Black women from the city’s Third Ward area, where Solange grew up. When I Get Home celebrates feminism and black

When I Get Home debuted at number seven on the US Billboard 200 charts with 43,000 album equivalent units sold (11,000 pure album sales,) & was deemed one of the best albums of 2019, peaking at number two.

Ladies & gentlemen, I present to you: Solange’s When I Get Home.

Things I Imagined

Written by Solange Knowles

The album kicks off with Things I Imagined, a dreamy and hazy like record. It sets the tone for the album, and I adore it.

S McGregor (interlude)

Written by Solange Knowles John Key Giovanni Cortez Vivian Allen Ayers

And now my heart knows no delight.

I boarded a train, kissed all goodbye. I boarded a train, kissed all goodbye.

And now my heart knows no delight.

Debbie Allen & Phylicia Rashad, 1987

S McGregor is in reference to S MacGregor Way , a bypass in Houston. It was also the location of the childhood home of sisters & legends Debbie Allen & Phylicia Rashad. The interlude samples the sisters performing “On Status,” a poem written by their mother Vivian Ayers-Allen.

Down with the Clique

Written by Solange Knowles

One of my favorite highlights of the album is Down with the Clique. Everything about this song is purely magic. The melody/ instrumental is addictive as hell. & of course Solange’s angelic vocals make the song even more mesmerizing. Whew.

Way to the Show

Written by Solange Knowles

Way to the Show gives appreciation to Black Houston culture by referring to the candy paint jobs on cars, which is a flashy typed vehicle that has a mid coat type of paint applied over a base color.

Can I Hold the Mic (interlude)

Written by Solange Knowles ・Christophe Chassol

Uh, bitch – can I hold the mic? – Don’t – Please can I hold the mic? – You can’t – I would like to say that, okay, I would like to say that…

-Diamond & Princess

I can’t be a singular expression of myself

there’s too many parts, too many spaces, too many manifestations, too many lines, too many curves, too many troubles, too many journeys, too many mountains, too many rivers, so many.

-Solange, 2019

Stay Flo

Written by Solange Knowles

STAY FLO IS A MF SONG!!!!! The production is just freaking phenomenal and it is just an amazing Solange record period.


Written by Solange Knowles ・Duval Kojo Bankole Timothy

Dreams is a song where Solange expresses that your dreams will come true as long as you are being patient. Not today, but perseverance is the key. The song contains a sample from “No” by Duval Timothy.

Nothing Without Intention (interlude)

Written by Solange Knowles ・Juelz Smith II ・Cortez ・Amber Venerable ・Raquel Egbuonu

Six, seven, eight. Fuck these ho ass niggas (Ayy)
They all be talkin’ (Ayy)
They all be sayin’ shit (Uh)
They all..Work it, work it, oh
Work it, work it, ayy
Shake it

Nothing without intention

Do nothing without intention

-Solange, 2019


Written by Solange Knowles ・Terius Nash ・Jordan Carter

Almeda is an ode to the chopped and screwed genre, which is a remixing technique that was popular on the Houston hip hop scene in the 90s. A collaboration that brings Solange, The-Dream & Playboi Carti together for the first time, Almeda is an appreciation to southern black culture, and pride & is just…flawless.

Time (Is)

Written by Solange Knowles ・Sampha Sisay

Another collaboration with Solange & Sampha, Time (Is) is truly underrated.

My Skin My Logo

Written by Solange Knowles • Radric Davis

A jazz & hip hop influenced record, My Skin My Logo is a collaboration with Solange & rap legend Gucci Mane & they go back and forth, explaining what each other likes.

We Deal with the Freak’n (intermission)

Written by Solange Knowles • Sidney Barnes • Greg Perry

It’s not about the physical manifestation of sex. Now we deal with the freak’n. But that’s in volume two!

First, I’m tryna get the woman to understand the dynamic power and the spiritual energy.

Do you realize how magnificent you are?

The god that created you is a divine architect that created the moon, the sun, the stars, Jupiter, Mars, Pluto, Venus.

We are not only sexual beings, we are the walking embodiment of god consciousness

-Alexyss K. Tylor.


Written by Solange Knowles

Jerrod is a very sensual record, and is something we normally wouldn’t expect from Solange..but she is READY chile.


Written by Solange Knowles • John Key • Terius Nash • Noah Lennox

I ADORE Binz. It is absolutely one of the best songs on the album, and frequent collaborator The-Dream is featured on the record..along with Panda Bear.

The song has the singer discussing getting money and living lavish like she should..proving that the stereotype that Black people are all poor is just complete bullshit. The song contains a sample of Rotary Connection’s Didn’t Want to Have to Do It & Alexyss K. Taylor’s Vagina Power: Halloween Show


Written by Solange Knowles • Charles Simmons, Jr

Beltway is about the TX-8 Beltway, which is a loop that runs around the circumference of Houston.

Exit Scott (interlude)

Written by Solange Knowles • John Key • Steve Lacy • Charles Simmons, Jr • Giovanni Cortez

(Love me, love me, love me, love me)
If it were possible to place you in my brain and let you roam around, in and out my thought waves, you would never have to ask, “Why do you love me?”

Please take the wheel forever
With you I feel forever
Show me the way to never
Down where you’ll stay forever

Sound of Rain

Written by Solange Knowles

Sound of Rain is so beautifully produced (well the whole album is but that’s not the point,) and of course it has that Pharrell touch to it! The song contains an interpolation of Beyoncé’s Drunk in Love.

Not Screwed (interlude)

Written by Solange Knowles • Giovanni Cortez

Is not screwed! And if those stars is lining up…

I’m a Witness

Written by Solange Knowles

The album closes with I’m a Witness. I love this record due to the fact that it showcases the entire growth of the album. Like she embraces the truth and the beauty of the light.

When I Get Home is an album I truly enjoy from start to finish. When I first listened, I strongly compared it to A Seat at the Table. But after I strongly sat and listened to it, it is truly a masterpiece. It makes me want to move to Houston even more to absorb the amazing atmosphere I’ve always heard about it. One thing about Solange, is she ADORES her hometown. This album is a true testament to that. -MW.

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